Make a diabetes back up supply stash!


I thought I’d let my life serve as a useful reminder for someone else again. 

All day today I haven’t tested my blood sugar.  My meter’s battery ran out.  I can’t really leave the house on my own with my 15 month old twins (we live on the 3rd floor).  I also wouldn’t attempt it without knowing my blood sugar status!

So I’ve been stuck for a while trying to figure out what my blood sugar is.  I think I figured it out.  I gave a small amount of insulin without eating and eventually started feeling low.  So I had some coffee with about 15 grams of sugar and have been sipping it slowly until I feel ok again.  So my guess is right now I’m about right. (Maybe…)

Anyway, I had extra batteries somewhere but, I can’t find them.  I bought them before moving to our current place.  My husband and I packed each night between 9 or 10pm until midnight for only a week.  So you can imagine by the last day I was throwing stuff in boxes and bags thinking “I’ll sort everything out when we unpack”.  That didn’t happen too well because the reason we didn’t have much time to pack was the reason we didn’t have much time to unpack:  those precious bundles of joy of ours. 

In case you haven’t already heard twin babies/toddlers really are a handful. 

I’ll keep searching for those batteries.  In the meantime, I urge us all to make a special stash of extra batteries for the meter, pump, and anything else that uses batteries.  Include a flash light, glucose tablets, and anything else you can think of!  Put this in a special place and then make a note somewhere (the fridge or computer maybe?) to remind you of where that stash is located.  (Don’t rely on memory it doesn’t work when you need it the most).

Wish me luck, I may have to go all day playing “Guess my glucose”.

Recent Update:  Around noon I discovered a meter my mom had received from some lady (I don’t know I just know we happily take free meters).  Anyway, It’s the Freestyle Freedom Lite.  It uses a tiny amount of blood…so tiny I find myself doubting it’s accuracy.  It gave me my reading in like 2 split seconds.  I am 81!  Not bad for guessing all morning.  When it gave the reading it beeped really loud and obnoxiously.  So thanks Freestyle but no thanks, I’ll stick with my Accucheck Aviva for now.  Well, once I get it some batteries that is.

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