Diabetes, Tantrums, and Useless People

These big bouncy balls better be worth it
These big bouncy balls better be worth it


There are moments in life when some situation will overshadow your diabetes and you might even forget you’re a diabetic altogether.  You’ve got to always carry glucose tablets or juice and just forgive yourself for those highs.  It also helps to carry out smart planning. (Not that all madness can be prevented).

Such was my case this weekend.  If you want an amusing story, read on. 

Alex and I went to Target to get a bath mat.  That’s it.  Just a bath mat so the kids don’t slip in the tub.  I always test my sugar in the car on the way to some place so that I can deal with my children and hopefully not have to deal with my diabetes.  As we pulled into the parking space I was 84.  Excellent.

So off into Target we went with the twin stroller and the 15th month olds and my bottle of juice.  We went straight to the section with the mats and we debated over which one to buy as the kids started whining and squirming to get out of the stroller.  

“We’ve been here only a few minutes”, I thought.  Yet, I know they’re not used to the stroller because they didn’t get out much their first year of life so now they just want to be free everywhere we go.  Fair enough.

Alex finally said, “Just pick a mat and we’ll go”.  So I did and as we left we noticed the cute Halloween costumes for kids.  “Aww, let’s check them out!”  The kids cried a little more and we tried to just keep moving the stroller to keep them happy.  Then we passed some huge bouncy balls and said, “Wouldn’t they love those?!”  So we got out a red one and it gave us another 2 minutes of peace and quiet.  Then we decided to leave because they were anxious to get out again.  “Oh but, shouldn’t we get two balls so they don’t fight over this red one?”  I said to my husband.  “Yeah, that’s true”.  Because I could hear my children screaming I ran to the back of the store and retrieved a blue ball.  I passed a girl and her mother.  The girl said, “Mommy she isn’t supposed to run in the store!”  I wanted to say, “Hush, you!”

Anyway, as I ran closer and closer to the stroller the screams turned louder.  Finally I got to my husband who was taking Henri out of his stroller.  He seamed to be having a mini-meltdown.  My twins have never had a tantrum.  Never say never.  I began to suspect this was one of those fabled times in a parent’s life.  I put Henri down with the ball which was bigger than him and he literally took off like lightning through the isles of clothes.  I ran after him as Alex got our screaming daughter out of her seat.  Henri took a sharp right, a sharp left, and then ran straight until…alas, he tripped and fell on top of the ball.  This ball being large and very bouncy hit the ground, bounced up in the air with Henri on top of it, then since he still wouldn’t let go of the ball he turned sideways in air and when it was all over he was on his back with the ball on top of him.  Mothers looked at me in horror as he cried again as before.  He turned red and seemed angry and frustrated.  I tried to pick him up but, he wouldn’t let go of the ball.  I finally took the ball away and he threw himself on the floor and kicked and screamed.  Alex found us by following the sound of Henri’s incredibly loud voice and we did that thing parents do where they look around at people with this fake smile and a shrug that says “Haha! you know kids!”  When really we were like “We’re never leaving home again!”

Next thing we knew my daughter fought out of my husband’s arms and now we had two children who wanted to run away.  When we didn’t allow it they arched their backs and kicked and really, it was an amazing spectacle, they turned bright red as they cried at the top of their lungs.  I said to Alex, “Ohmygosh let’s just get out of here!”  People were staring, children were pointing, and I noticed one woman nodding her head in disapproval.  We couldn’t control our children, push the large double stroller, and carry the large bouncy balls by ourselves and yet no one offered to help.  And as we attempted to make it to the front of the store to check out, we’d drop a ball and have to run down the isle chasing it with a hysterical child on our hips. 

We finally realized we weren’t going anywhere so we left the balls in the middle of the floor and just raced to the check out line because ugh! we still had the bath mat to purchase!

We waited in line struggling with the kids who wanted down (and we couldn’t let them because they are FAST).  I looked down to the opposite end of the store and saw one of the balls we had left.  Alex must have read my mind and he told me he could hold both kids.  So he did as I took off like a nutcase, sprinting to the red ball.  But, where was the blue one?  Alex backed away a few feet from the register and watched as I looked frantically around, running in every direction and looking down every isle.  I finally found it very far away from where we’d left it.  I picked it up and jetted back to the line which we noticed was suddenly closed and the guy manning it walked away to the bathroom!  Furious, we tried to figure out why someone would close their line at the exact moment we were next.  I hope he was having a bathroom emergency because couldn’t he see we were desperate to check out and leave?  We struggled to push the stroller (not easy with one hand) (couldn’t put the kids in it-backs too arched, screaming too loud) and I complained with the lady who finally could check us out.  She literally did not care nor did she make any eye contact with us.  She said we could take it up in “customer service”.  Forget that, I’ll call later. 

We left in the cold rain which luckily stunned the kids into submission.  They finally relaxed a bit. 

I tested again when we got home-86.  Now for the moral of the story.  Don’t have children?  Nah, that’s not it.  It’s do your best to plan ahead for good blood sugars before you go anywhere.  Can you imagine how much more ridiculous the above story would have been had my blood sugar been low?  I don’t even want to imagine it.

You know… I would like to imagine a world where people stare less, and offer help more.  A world where just one of 100 fellow human beings in Target says, “hey, I’ll hold the balls for you, you just handle the children.” 

What a wonderful world that would be.

5 thoughts on “Diabetes, Tantrums, and Useless People

  1. Maria & German Morales

    I suggest you send this article to Target’s top customer service office. I have always liked Target for their service and this should not have happened. I laughed at your story, but I can imagine how you guys felt at the moment :( I will be more observant if there is ever a family in a situation like that and offer my help, after all they could say No, but at least have an option.

  2. Maria & German Morales


    As I read it, I am laughing at one of the funniest stories I ever read (I am visualizing it!)- great for a movie or tv comedy; then I am remembering one of the old days when one of you threw a very loud temper tantrum in the middle of Toys r’ Us (or like yours and Alejandro’s in our vacation flight to Venezuela…not fun at all …,but a lot of fun to tell the story- if you survived the experience!

    Great article!

  3. Gabriel Morales

    I totally agree with Ana!:)
    If you guys had a professional camera crew,recordedit,and posted it on Youtube that would have been on top 10 funniest videos list!Hahaha!:]

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