Musical Halloween Treat


Everyone in my family is probably a diabetes advocate of some sort.  My husband, parents, and 4 siblings can all atest to the difficulties they’ve seen my sister and I live out with this disease.  A big part of being a diabetes advocate is often being really open to having a lot of communication and dialogue with people about it.  My youngest brother, who just turned 12, has to be one of the chattiest/charming people I’ve ever known.  And because I’m his sister and a type 1 diabetic, I can’t help but hope he goes far in his career in part so that he can help spread diabetes awareness-even if just to tell people about how hard it is. 

He began playing the guitar not too long ago and while I thought he may not stop talking long enough to ever play, he proved to everyone he was serious about it.  He was on local television this summer and very recently was asked to join a very good professional band on stage, Snarky Puppy, for an impromptu song.  He’s never done anything like it and this was the first time he played this song by Jimi Hendrix. 

So for your sugar-free Friday Halloween Treat, I give you Gabriel E. Morales: (stay tuned until the end of the song for the awesome solo)

Note: he is not to be confused on You Tube with another Gabriel Morales.  He is listed as Gabriel E. Morales :)  Hope you enjoyed!  Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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