Try This When Diabetes Gets Hard



I honestly don’t remember where I heard this…but I once read something where a long distance runner from Kenya was asked “how on earth” he runs so many miles at a time with seemingly little effort (we’re talking 20-some miles at a time, several times a week!)  His reply was really interesting.  He said something like, “When it gets harder, I get easier.”

I had to think about what he meant for a minute.  I never felt too sure until one day I tried something different.  Usually, seeing a blood sugar over 300 brings me down.  My mood shoots down, my energy, my thoughts, my productivity, everything.  This time I remembered what the Kenyan said.  And instead of allowing a negative rush to take over me, “I got easier”.  Meaning, I accepted the reality and decided I wasn’t going to go weak or upset over it.  Instead, I took a few deep breathes and gave myself insulin.  Then I went back to work without focusing on how I didn’t feel well.  An hour later I tested and made sure I was coming down.  I was 190.  Another deep breathe.  I continued working.  Eventually it was lunch time and I was 92.  Time to eat!  That wasn’t so bad, I thought.

I realized how the same would have happened had I gotten all worked up only staying calm and relaxed really helped me enjoy the 2 hours between that 300 reading and lunch-and I was productive at work.  Making the decision to let the anger and frustration go did take effort but, It was definitely easier than fighting a fight that wouldn’t lead to anything positive. 

So many of us do this with our diabetes.  Next time something gets you down, remember that sometimes allowing yourself to get extremely frustrated doesn’t do you any good at all.  And if you just “get easier”, you might find the ride a lot more pleasant and be amazed at all you can accomplish.

3 thoughts on “Try This When Diabetes Gets Hard

  1. Maria Morales

    Great advice! Maybe that is how I keep on functioning when things are tough, I try very hard not to let myself go down when there is so much to do. Love…

  2. Aubrey

    I get so upset about being type 1 and I know stress can raise sugars so I do my best to clam down and breathe outfits very hard for me. But I am still learning along the way. Thank you for sharing this story. :)

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