Watch This Video and a Child Will Get a Week of Life-Saving Insulin

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The Big Blue Test, was started by the Diabetes Hands Foundation last year and entails encouraging all people with diabetes to test their blood sugar on World Diabetes Day, November 14th at 2pm.  Here is how it works:  Test your blood sugar, do 14 minutes of any type of activity, test your blood sugar again and then share your results here!

This year, Roche Diabetes Care has teamed up with Diabetes Hands Foundation to try and get at least 100,000 views of the Big Blue Test promotional video.  Every time someone watches this video, Roche will make a donation (up to $75,000) 

Then, Diabetes Hands Foundation will be using the money to aid the Life for a Child program, run by the International Diabetes Federation, and Insulin For Life.  According to (the man behind the Diabetes Hands Foundation), these two global, humanitarian organizations provide diabetes medication and supplies to children in the world’s poorest countries.

I’ve long stated that although I wish for everyone to be able to afford diabetes pumps and a CGMS, my greatest concern is the many diabetics out there who don’t even have regular access to insulin and syringes.  This is a way to help those who are much less fortunate.  All you have to do is spread the video so we can get all the views we need to send all the help we can.

Visit to watch the video (or watch it below):


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