New Year’s Resolution for November and December



My resolution for September and October was to go on a low information diet.  I did pretty good, trying to focus on writing and reading quality stuff online instead of participating in mindless Facebook chatter and such. 

For the last two months of this year my resolution (set in Jan. of this year) was to finish my book draft.  This may not happen because well, I’ve had this blog up for a little over a year now and I’ve discovered an entire world I didn’t know existed.  I’ve found myself sinking into a big world of possibilities regarding diabetes advocacy and coaching other diabetics.  This has changed my book a little bit. 

Part of what writing on this blog has done for me is uncover my “best function”.  It has been pointed out to me by readers that I’ve helped them mostly in two ways:  I’ve highlighted some tough truths about how we view our diabetes and how this view affects our management of it.  And I’m glad to hear I’ve helped motivate and inspire other diabetics who may feel like they’re on a negative track to get off and step on a more positive one. 

When I was a teenager I felt that I was just not cut out for most things.  One thing I knew I could do was fight for others.  When someone was picked on I said something.  When someone had a racist comment, I was on it.  When someone couldn’t find the words or the guts to say the words they wanted to say, I’d step in and speak on their behalf.  It hasn’t always been a great thing but, it can be quite useful to have a loud mouth on your side!  Anyway, I’m shy in person and yet when it comes to a cause that morally stirs me or an injustice that I can’t handle, I’m not very quiet about it.  This passion stirs pretty greatly in the diabetes realm and I’m looking at how to best use this energy.

SO…I’ve been reassessing the focus of the book and also brainstorming about a possible book that doesn’t have to do with “Girl’s Guide” so that it would be for anyone and focus on how to emotionally and mentally deal with diabetes.  This is because I could go on and on about that topic and much of the positive feedback I get is based on my emotional/psychological tactics regarding diabetes.  This book would be in addition to the Girl’s Guide to Diabetes book, however. 

Anyway, these next two months I’m going to go ahead and make my goal to finish and send out my proposal for The Girl’s Guide to Diabetes book.  It’s not going to be easy through this busy holiday season with toddlers that continuously scale the couch to the top of the fire place but, I’m going to do it!

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