Fab Hair Trick for the Holidays


This is most definitely the time of year you want full shiny hair, am I right ladies/fellas?  So today’s post is just about how to do that. 

Dandruff seems to plague many this time of year, including me.  Luckily, a few years ago I found that rinsing hair and scalp with apple cider vinegar completely got rid of that problem.  Why?  Apparently they say dandruff is actually caused by yeast overgrowth (VERY common in diabetics since sugar feeds yeast) and the apple cider vinegar is a perfect remedy for this.  Not to mention it clears hair of all residue, leaving it full of body and full of shine. 

I know this seems like a goofy post but, you know what?  It works.  And it’s cheap, easy, there are no chemicals, and can be done just once every two weeks. 

While showering, take a cup of apple cider vinegar and carefully (eyes closed!) pour it over your scalp and hair.  I pour it into my hand first to distribute all over my head.  Then I massage my scalp and do everything else I gotta do in the shower.  Then I just shampoo as usual, using a little more shampoo than normal.  Do wash hair thoroughly now because the smell will linger a bit in your hair.  This brings me to my next point: be sure to do this now and not Christmas morning!  I usually do it a few days before a Holiday or event and then with the next shower or two my hair will still look great but, not smell of vinegar.  If it does, just spray some perfume/cologne in your hair. 

Bye bye dandruff and limp locks!

Caution: seriously, don’t get vinegar in eyes, lots of stinging will occur.

2 thoughts on “Fab Hair Trick for the Holidays

  1. Richard Vaughn

    Sysy, I remember my mother washing her hair with some kind of solution that smelled like vinegar. I had completely forgotten that, until I read this blog. She and I had terrible dandruff and she wanted me to use the stuff. I just remembered that too. I refused and used Selsun instead. Selsun smelled like sulfur and that was worse than vinegar, but it worked very well. Maybe sulfur kills the yeast too??? I had dandruff all the way through my college days and beyond. I think I am correct in remembering that getting my blood sugar under much better control was the time that I stopped having the problem. Less sugar = less dandruff? I cannot remember the last time I had dandruff. I am glad I got rid of it without vinegar. I prefer vinegar on my salads. Thank you very much. Lol!


  2. Sysy Post author

    Haha, it is better on salads! And you’re right, the better the blood sugars, the better the scalp! I always regard good blood sugars as our greatest line of defense against everything! lol

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