My Christmas Resolution


I try to be positive this time of year but it’s hard.  I don’t like the cold and the darkness that comes with winter and I abhor the Holidays because of the commercial grip they have over so many people.  There is a pressure to spend a certain amount of money on certain people and a pressure to spend a certain amount of time with certain people and a pressure to do it all under a halo of big expectations that often falls kind of…flat.

Maybe I’d enjoy Christmas if I didn’t get nervous at a merry gathering of a bunch of people.  Or maybe I’d enjoy it more if there was some money to spend on a gift or two.  Perhaps I’d like it better if I knew how things were going to go ahead of time.  I’m not the girl you want to surprise.  I like knowing what is going to happen so I can plan accordingly.  So because Christmas just might put me in a room of people that make me uncomfortable or remind me that I’m broke or startle me with it’s spontaneity, my anxiety levels surge. 

And so do my blood sugars. 

And since I don’t appreciate that, I’m forcing a reminder upon myself.  If I don’t enjoy something, it’s because I’m not letting it happen.  I can choose not to pay much attention to things/people that bother me and I can choose to not think about money.  I can choose to just take a deep breathe and focus on taking care of my health and children and maybe if I just do that I’ll manage to find lots of pleasure in little things here and there. 

There is a lot to be thankful for and it shouldn’t be buried underneath all the glitter and lights…or a scrooge or a grinch. 

Thanks for reading my site and cheering me up in the process.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and blessed, stress-free, healthy, fun time!

Now somebody please get me a scotch…

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