How to Start a Diabetes Blog Series


There are hundreds of personal diabetes blogs out there.  I think it’s fantastic.  The more voices we have, the better.  I’m suspecting some of you diabetes blog readers have a growing itch inside you to start your own personal blog about your life or experience with diabetes.  Honestly, it’s a wonderful outlet for a diabetic.  I have personally found it to be such a positive experience- and empowering, too. 

So for those interested, I’ve decided to help you start your own diabetes blog.  I’ll do this by posting a series of posts aimed at getting you started.  Why am I going to help?  Well, because I’d hate for you to be intimidated by the “how to” of starting a blog and let that stop you from doing it if you really want to.   

I’m not at all technically inclined and my blog took many, many hours of online research to put up.  The trial and error method I used doesn’t have to be yours.  Hopefully my small amount of help and guidance  will help you start a blog (if you’re someone who wants to).  A blog is a wonderful way to chronicle your diabetes experience for a small community or the world to see.  You’ll be surprised how much you learn about yourself, too.

So stay tuned.  The posts will be coming early in the new year.

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One thought on “How to Start a Diabetes Blog Series

  1. Reyna Maher

    Great idea! I love it. It can be intimidating to start one…and I agree that it is such a fantastic way to connect, support, advocate, and educate. I love the DOC.

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