2010 Most Read Articles


In case you missed them here are the top 20 most popular articles on this site.

Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve!

2010 Best Hits

1.  Taming the Monster

2.  The Diabetic Girl’s Playlist

3.  Can You Afford to be Diabetic?

4.  Wine and Diabetes

5.  Can Diabetic Nerve Damage be Reversed?

6.  My Successful Twin Pregnancy as a Type 1 Diabetic

7.  Your Complete Diabetes Medical Alert Guide

8.  Diabetes, Self-discipline, and a Paradigm Shift part 1

9.  Diabetes, Tantrums, and Useless People

10.  Dating and Diabetes; When Do you Tell Someone You are a Type 1 Diabetic?

11.  Sinus Infection Cure (Hint: It Isn’t an Antibiotic!)

12.  Dating and Diabetes; What is the Hardest Thing?

13.  Don’t Make This Mistake With Your Diabetes! The Only Time My Diabetes Landed Me in the ER

14.  5 Things a Diabetic Woman Should Do Before Getting Pregnant

15.  Diabetic Pregnancy Diet

16.  How to Be an Expert on Your Diabetes (Plus Awesome Resources for Diabetics!)

17.  7 Habits of Highly Effective Diabetics

18.  Why You Don’t Need an Insulin Pump

19.  Diabetes and Your Job, Keep it a Secret?

20.  Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Breakthrough


There you have them.  Hope you ring in the New Year in a joyful and safe way with great blood sugars!



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