The Best Low Blood Sugar Treatment


There are good reasons for using all sorts of different options for getting blood sugar up. 

Dr. Bernstein suggests glucose tablets for their fast acting sugar supply and for the fact that it’s measured, so you know exactly how many grams you’re getting. 

Many parents of children like to use candy because it works quickly, is welcomed by the child, and I think we’d all agree, a child suffering a low blood sugar deserves a cheer me up.   Sidenote: I was once low to the point of having a hard time chewing my Smarties candies and proceeded to choke on them.  Sometimes a really bad low might call for something easier to intake-like kids gel-like candy!

Most adults I know tend to lean towards juice because it’s easy to find, carry, and consume quickly. 

Still, others use anything they might enjoy:  some ice cream, a waffle with some maple syrup, some fruit, etc.  I’ve had all of the above hundreds thousands of times.

I like to change up what I use for lows but, I must say I do prefer juice because it’s so fast and easy (no chewing/munching).  (Although this may not work too well for very young children)  There is another reason I like juice.  Typically, after drinking juice for a low, I follow that with some water to swish around in my mouth.  When I use candy or other solid sugary substance, I feel like it’s stuck in my molars (in fact, it is).  The only time I’ve ever had a cavity in my life was the year I used candy or glucose tablets for every low blood sugar.  Coincidence?  I don’t know, maybe.  But, juice is also convenient for adults at work (you look like you’re just thirsty as opposed to having a sugar craving in the middle of what is supposed to be time for working).  I can recall lows in meetings full of older men and feeling a little funny when I took out some candy for a low.  Some of them would make jokes like, “Looking for a sugar high?” or “you just ate enough calories for lunch with that bag of candy there” or even the despicable “Ha ha, what are you, five?”.  When I had juice, I noticed no one ever said anything.   So although I’m ok with awkward situations like these and didn’t mind telling these rude fellows they were just jealous that they didn’t have the guts to eat candy in public, I know some people prefer to avoid the awkwardness.  Besides, I have a hard time stopping eating candy.  I will eat a few pieces resulting in 15 grams of carbs and next thing I know I’m giving insulin for the extra candy I enjoyed all too well. 

Either way, I’d say the best low blood sugar treatment was just whatever one is more comfortable with.  Some of us have had too many glucose tabs to ever have another.  BD Orange glucose tabs make me nauseated just thinking about them.  But, when I was a kid, mmmm they were delicious!  Whatever works best for the individual should be used-always taking in consideration just how low one is. 

I’m glad we have so many options these days aren’t you?

4 thoughts on “The Best Low Blood Sugar Treatment

  1. Jen

    Skittles are awesome. Takes just one handful to cure the lowest of lows for me. But you are right. It’s murder on my poor teeth. Especially over night. Boathouse Farms (available at some Targets) makes a great mango vitamin c smoothie that works great too. I’m going to start water swishing. My teeth will probably thank me-and you!

  2. Rhett Bernheim

    This statement, “Some of us have had too many glucose tabs to ever have another.” is the way that many of the diabetics that I know feel. The most common way that I know to treat low blood sugar levels is to take a spoonful of sugar. Juice is an excellent choice. It’s good that there are options. Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Rhett Bernheim
    Yoga Teacher and Student
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  3. Michael M. Ramnani

    My mother is a diabetic and she is sick and tired of taking medication. She does so because there is no choice. I appreciate this kind of information and will explore these options. Maybe it can help her.

    Michael Ramnani

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