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I truly admire the fact that the DOC or Diabetes Online Community provides so many people with this feeling that their not alone- such a valuable thing.  There are people in the DOC however, who feel alone.  Lots of them.  Any community out there can have elements like that of a High School where the kids that have bonded hang out, support each other publicly, have a large voice, and own the right gadgets.  They don’t necessarily pay much attention to those who are more quiet or perhaps have been in the background for a while or are simply different and linger just outside the realm of the community. 

Well, I’m typically fine with feeling alone, although I’ve been catching a lot of comments in the DOC environment lately and I’ve noticed that many are lonely and not liking it.  I’m very different from most people I know so that probably has most to do with how I feel.  Yet, feeling isolated isn’t fun for anyone.  This is the sentiment many others are expressing out there.  Part of me wants to find a way to turn some focus to helping those who maybe don’t have computers/internet connections at home, who don’t think they write well (probably the math wizards), or those who don’t have the confidence to post their thoughts, feelings, and opinions online-yet who desperately seek support of some kind. 

I don’t quite know a way of doing this yet.  This site now gets thousands of visits a week and very few comments and that is fine with me.  I just hope people are getting something out of what I’m writing.  I always knew I was an “advocate” because I’m not able to shut up when I have a strong opinion in mind.  And my thoughts tend to linger on the subject of people and their rights and their wellbeing so I hope that makes me somewhat helpful in the DOC.

With this post, I hope to encourage those of you who do have the platform and confidence and writing skills to be open to figuring out ways to support the underdog or the forgotten one, or those who seem to be hiding a bit.  I understand there is this thing about “survival of the fittest” and whoever wants to join in online is allowed to do so.  Thing is, many people have certain limitations (shyness perhaps?) and diabetes can often weaken some of the fittest out there anyway.

And those of you who feel alone or ignored and who feel like you aren’t welcome by the DOC, I hope you’ll find a way to jump in or take part or even heck, start your own support group.  In time, you’ll feel more comfortable and included.

And if anyone ever wants to email me, I keep things confidential unless permitted otherwise and I won’t ignore your emails, I promise.  It’s happened to me plenty and it’s not a good feeling when so much great support is spoken of.

And if you are someone who needs a little push, a little help to start your own diabetes blog, stay tuned for my free How to Start A Diabetes Blog Series.  It may be all you need to go ahead and let your voice be heard.

Much love to all the DOC and those just outside…



7 thoughts on “The Lonely DOC

  1. Cara

    Hi! I understand the lonely thing sometimes. I have come to terms with it though. When I first started blogging there weren’t nearly the number of D-blogs that there are now. What I’ve done to keep in touch and to feel like I’m part of something is spend lots of time on twitter AND I keep up with a select few blogs. It helps because I don’t feel like I Have to keep up with everyone, but I can still keep up with enough to feel like I’m a part of something great.
    I’m sorry I don’t leave more comments on your blog. I do read when I get the chance. I’ll try to remember to leave some comment love when I visit next. :)

  2. Reyna Maher

    Great post SySy and you are right. I actually had NO idea there was a “DOC” when I started Beta Buddies less than a year ago. I have a bad habit of “commenting” on EVERY D-Blog I read – LOL. I feel bad if I don’t. I would never want any one to feel left out or alone. That plain ol’ sucks.

    I think your blogging series will be interesting! And…it is a great idea.

  3. Ronnie the poor diabetic

    Truth be told I try to leave a comment on every blog I read but you have to understand that the DOC has exploded in the last year, when I started my blog in sept of 09 there were maybe 50 plus blogs I read regularly but now my Google reader has 100 plus blog posts a day and these are just the ones I have subscribed to the RSS feeds, more blogs are coming up daily and it can be quite challenging trying to follow all of them.
    I try to retweet every blog post but there as well if someone doesn’t know to use the #dblog or #diabetes hash tag then I might miss it.(maybe you can add that to your starting a blog series which I look forward to reading by the way:))
    when one starts to blog it always feels like you are on a pulpit with a mega phone but no one is listening, perseverance is key when trying to create an audience and a community, its gonna take time. I wish I could comment on everyone’s blog but it is physically impossible which is a shame because I LOVE THE DOC and would like to welcome each and every diabetic who is in the fringes to come and join in.
    We are all unique people,our experiences with diabetes are unique and while some would love to share those experiences, some prefer their privacy and lurk in the shadows it is what it is and I don’t blame them. They can do whatever is comfortable for them to manage their diabetes effectively.
    A good DOC friend Renata from diabetic duo gave me this idea great idea, she picks a random blog and after leaving a comment goes to the blogroll of that blog and chooses another unfamiliar random blog and goes on and on, I use this technique and discover more diabetes blogs than ever and its a fun thing to do as well.
    For those on the fringes, we welcome you with open arms, please don’t be shy we don’t bite.

  4. Sysy Post author

    What a great comment! I hope many people read it. It explains how there are so many of us out there and like you said, we don’t bite and we welcome those who feel they’re on the outside to persist in communicating. I like that suggestion about picking a random blog, too! Thanks, Ronnie!

  5. Yolanda Diaz

    HI Sysy
    I just wanted you to know that this blog is my first DOC experience. I have been reading it for three days and have shared it with my husband and good friend. I feel, after having type 1 for 20 years..I have friends who can relate to everything I have ever felt. I never even realized how much diabetes has affected me. Just thought I was a moody, crazy gal. I feel so behind in this vast sea of knowledge, at the same time am so refreshed to go for the swim :)

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