Diabetes, Little Angels, and Helpful People

Henri and Aurora
Henri and Aurora


Months ago, I wrote a post titled, “Diabetes, Tantrums, and Useless People”.  If you didn’t read it, it had to do with a trip to Target that my husband and I made with our one year old twins.  Such a small outing scared us silly and we decided to just visit parks for a while-at least until the kids settled down.  It seems they had reached the tantrum stage. 

Well, this winter our kids haven’t gone out much (maybe once a week) so I don’t know if nature took it’s course or if prolonged periods of time at home instilled patience in them.  But, they’re different.

Last night, my son Henri, who literally tries to escape out the front door every time it’s opened, seemed especially agitated to be stuck at home.  So since Alex got home a little early from work we decided to take the kids out.

We went to Barnes and Noble, the big book seller place.  The kids held our hands and looked around.  Then we went to the area where they have toys from Christmas set up and the kids gently pushed buttons and looked at all the different stuff there. 

Once or twice Henri took off running but, instead of crying he laughed-so that was nice.  We’ve been playing tag at home so it only figures.  Aurora is sneaky.  She would look at us with a sly smile, slowly turn a corner, and then march determinedly towards wherever she wanted to go.  No one dropped to their knees and screamed when we redirected them.  What a relief!

Then they played in the children’s area where there was a small stage and stuffed animals set out.  Aurora clung to a doll with the craziest hair and outfit I’ve ever seen.  I was amused at how she wanted nothing to do with the cute stuffed animals-just that crazy doll, which she hugged and danced with.  Henri was up and down the step of the stage, finding it fun to jump off and see if he could stay on his feet instead of land on his nose, which he did once and just found funny.

We left there with willing babies because we told them we were going to eat.  And they like to eat.  We don’t go to restaurants because it’s expensive and because we keep Aurora away from any egg or peanut due to her allergies.  We went to the Fresh Market, which is a small grocery store and so dinner was yogurt, berries, and a cookie.  I know, I know, too much sugar, but this was their once a week dessert treat. 

We ate in the car, in the parking lot, with the kids in the front seat on our laps.  Everything was fine and dandy until my husband tried to turn on the vehicle.  It wouldn’t.  We didn’t realized our son had turned on all the lights.  So our battery was dead.  The people to the left and right of us had just gone in to do their groceries and we’d have to wait it out.  After 10 minutes or so a man came out and “yesss!” went to his truck parked next to us.  My husband asked him if he could help us out and the man happily agreed. 

Another man happened to walk by and said he was a mechanic and he helped set up the cables and stayed for a few minutes to ensure we’d be ok.  I thought that was good Samaritan of him.

I watched my husband and the man with the truck and noticed the man said, “where are you from?”  My husband said, “Mexico”.  The man said, “me too!”.  They spoke in Spanish while the vehicle charged up which left me thinking, gee what a small world.  I’ve never even seen anyone who looks Hispanic at the Fresh Market before…then again it’s hard to spot us sometimes.

When my husband got back in the car he said what the man’s first name was.  Then I said, “wait… is his last name Rodriguez?”  “Yeah, that’s it!” 

“Oh, I thought he looked familiar!  I’ve met him, he works where I used to work!  Now we can send him a thank you card!”

On the way home we passed two cars in a parking lot, one with jumper cables attached to the other.

We went home feeling reassured of our faith in humanity and of our two little angels.  Oh, and my blood sugar was 95 when we got home.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

4 thoughts on “Diabetes, Little Angels, and Helpful People

  1. Reyna Maher

    Your children are adorable Sysy! And…I so remember those days of dreading taking Bridg and Joe out (and they aren’t even twins…they are about 20 months apart in age).

    I like your perspective on your evening and your faith in humanity! Many people would have grumbled over their luck with the car battery. Not you! And the BG was awesome!

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