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I’ve never wanted to kiss a mouse before.  That is, until now.  Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have discovered that insulin may not function the way we’ve always thought. 

First off, remember the hormone, glucagon?  It raises blood sugars and is the reason a non-diabetic never passes out from hypoglycemia.  It stimulates the liver to release glucose into the blood stream when blood sugars are getting low and it also stimulates the release of insulin to keep blood sugars from going high.  Or so we think.

Researchers suppressed glucagon production in mice and then killed off 90% of their ability to make insulin and then fed them sugar.  And guess what happened?  They’re blood sugar remained stable.  They didn’t develop diabetes-in fact they stayed perfectly healthy.

Now because something works in mice does NOT mean it works in humans.  But, the hope is that by blocking excess glucagon, blood sugar regulation in humans will occur and insulin won’t even be required.

Again, it’s too soon to know if this will be the case for us humans.  (Fingers crossed everyone!)

But, it is exciting isn’t it?

Here is an article about it.  And the medical journal about it.

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