The News About Our Beloved Diet Coke


It breaks my heart, too. 

I’m referring to the study that highlighted the major risk that diet sodas may pose.  According to the study, those who drank diet soda on a daily basis became 48% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke.

Diabetics are already at increased risk for these problems.  We don’t need anything driving the risk upward. 

Now the results of the study are preliminary and many in the medical field aren’t comfortable with telling people to quit drinking diet soda just yet.  This study did have a small sample size and I could use that to tell myself it’s ok to drink diet soda.  But I won’t.  Small sample size or not, at the very least, this study, conducted through the good ol’e scientific method is cause for concern or attention.  And they didn’t say 2%, they said 48%.  That gets my attention.

So although it seems pushy and mean and I know I’ve already talked about diet soda on this site before, I’ll say it again, we all need to reconsider why we drink diet sodas (those of us that do).

Are they SO GOOD that we can’t stop drinking or cut back despite our desire to be healthy?

I love diet coke, too.  I love it to the point of remembering stupid things about it, like: When I was 15 years old, I had gym class before history class, which was my last class of the day.  There they were, my two favorite classes at school, side by side.  Our history teacher was awesome.  He let us talk about everything instead of just make us take notes.  I had about six good friends in that class.  We’d throw our trash from across the room to see who would make a “basket” and we would try to up one another’s answers to questions from the teacher just for some friendly competition.  The teacher allowed us to make jokes and laugh. This was also the only teacher who let us have drinks in class.  So after gym everyday, just that year, I’d go to the vending machine all sweaty and get me a diet coke (I so prefer it out of an aluminum can) and I’d enjoy the heck out of it in that laid back history class.  Ahh the memories…

You see what I mean? 

Anyway, I wouldn’t call it the devil.  I’d just say that maybe it’s a good idea to drink less or think about doing so.

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