Are Statins Our Only Hope?


Well, obviously, this is for your doctor to answer for YOU.  But, I hope it’s not my only hope.

The American College of Physicians have said that all people with diabetes who have an additional cardiovascular risk factor should be taking statins to lower cholesterol. 

I’ve heard a lot of negative things about statins, though.  In fact, I tend to be fearful of the medical literature making a case against the safety of statins.  The side effects are brutal and doctors apparently aren’t aware of these side effects. 

Anyway, I started having high cholesterol 10 years ago for three years.  I lowered it dramatically by testing out a different diet for about 6 months.  I ate a lot of organic eggs, fish, lots of vegetables excluding the starchy ones, no fruit, no sugar except when treating lows, avocado, walnuts, almonds, and Ezekial live grain toast.  I had no coffee, no dairy, a small amount of alcohol.  I took krill oil/fish oil, daily.

After 6 months my cholesterol levels changed enormously.  My HDL or “good cholesterol” went way up and my LDL or “bad cholesterol” plummeted.  This diet helped me manage blood sugars big time so there was the additional help of improved blood sugars, too.  My triglycerides lowered dramatically due to my blood sugars improving.

It’s been 7 years and I’ve ate varied versions of this diet, trying to stick to at least 70% of it.  My cholesterol and tryglycerides have never been high since. 

This is just my story, of course, and I don’t know how it would work for anyone else or if it will even work for me in the long run.  But for myself, I’ve learned over and over again, that what we eat impacts our health in a huge way.  I don’t want to take anything other than my required insulin.  If I had never changed my diet years ago, I wonder, would I be on statins right now?  Or does blood sugar management affect cholesterol the most?  Because I did see a correlation there.  Anyone know?

If you have a cholesterol issue, does your doctor help guide your eating?  If not, do you wish he/she would?  Why or why not?  I’m curious.

2 thoughts on “Are Statins Our Only Hope?

  1. Melissa E

    High cholesterol runs in my family, my dad, healthy and fit was diagnosed with high cholesterol when he was 30. Come the year of my 30th birthday…guess who’s cholesterol was high? The good news is my good cholesterol was and always has been almost double the suggested amount and statins have lowered my bad cholesterol without lowering my good too much. I have tried diet, but when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and my doctor gave me a “diet” plan, I was already following the suggested guidelines and had been for a few years before my cholesterol was elevated, so we decided diet obviously wasn’t working well enough! Based on my dad’s history, diet alone doesn’t seem to work and it doesn’t work as well for me too. My doctor keeps on top of it but she figures I know what works best and as long as I keep on top of it, she is willing to help me whenever I want but doesn’t push stuff on me.

  2. Sysy Post author

    Wow Melissa, I can’t imagine dealing with high cholesterol while doing all the necessary things to stay healthy. I know someone who despite diet and exercise, still has high cholesterol, too. I wonder if his is also due to genetics. It must be frustrating and for me, knowing others deal with this is more motivation for me to keep trying to eat right and exercise since really it’s a blessing that my body responds to those things. Great job for doing all you can and thanks for filling us in on some people’s reality.

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