The Most Awesome Thing I’ve Done Despite Diabetes


This is a DSMA prompted question and a submission for the DSMA Blog Carnival. 

The most awesome thing I’ve done despite diabetes is start a family. 

Diabetes had kicked all the self esteem out of me to the point that when my now husband, wanted to go out with me in high school, all my self loathing led to a solid, “No”.  I worked hard to get past those issues and with patience and love from family and friends, I was eventually able to come to a more respectful place with myself and feel worthy of the man I loved.  Years later he was still thinking of me as more than a friend and shortly after, we married.

"OMG your stuck with me!"
“OMG your stuck with me!”


Then he and I were thinking about children but I wasn’t so sure it was in the cards for me.  In the short amount of time prior to having them, I had recurring kidney stones, ruptured ovarian cysts, and was told I may never conceive due to PCOS.  Then one month after getting married, I conceived twins!  Carrying two normal sized babies while having two vertebrae out of place was much harder than I imagined.  Carrying them while adjusting type 1 diabetes throughout all kinds of wild hormone changes and insulin need fluctuations was…well It’s one of those things; I don’t know how I did it but I’ve found we’re all pretty good at mustering all the strength in the world for our families.

"Hey, I know you!" "Yeah, I'm your little bro, thanks for not kicking me anymore"
“Heyyy, I know you!” “




"Everyone says you're a little guy but mommy carried you, she knows different!"
“Everyone says you’re a little guy but mommy carried you, she knows different!”


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  1. Karen

    Awww, what adorable little babies. What a lot of courage it took to create the beautiful family you have. It’s definitely a most awesome thing!! :)

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