My Guaranteed* Good Day with Diabetes Plan


Every now and then I have an event or occasion I really don’t want diabetes getting in the way of.  In the past there have been speeches to make and soccer matches to play and so with trial and error I’ve come up with a plan for special days when I really want to avoid lows or highs.  (Key word: avoid)

No caffeine

Plenty of water

Two eggs for breakfast

Chicken/Meat/Fish for lunch and dinner with sides of non starchy veggies (such as spinach)

No sugar except juice as needed for any low blood sugar

Frequent blood sugar testing

Handful of almonds for snacks

No out of the ordinary exercises (may bring an unanticipated low blood sugar)

For me, following this plan works really well to ensure I have easy to manage blood sugars throughout the day. 

There are times when we might have a hard time testing, such as in the middle of a work presentation.  I find it priceless to be able to test before an event and know that I should have pretty predictable blood sugars for several hours. (Key word: should)

This plan worked great on my wedding day except that right before walking down the isle that evening I got so nervous I downed a 15 carb juice box because I had two fears, A) that the dress that was squeezing the life out of me would dramatically tear and reveal me to a cathedral full of people I knew and B) that I’d have a low in the middle of the ceremony and somehow manage to get juice all over my white dress therefore ruining all of the post ceremonial pictures.  So I drank the juice in a panic and once I got to the reception (hours later) I tested and found I was around 280.  “Bah! I ruined my perfect blood sugars for my wedding!”  I may never get over it because I was in 5 inch heels that entire night. (Until I kicked them off and danced all over the tattered hem of my dress…)

Anyway, It’s a valuable thing to have a day where you follow a specific protocol to get you through a special sort of day.  You could do it every day but that really is asking a lot isn’t it?  I find that going this extreme is best for once a week occasions.  Of course, if you’re menstruating or pregnant or under an abnormal amount of stress, expect the unexpected!  Otherwise, test out different meal plans until you come to something that works pretty good for you, just don’t let paranoia win! 

Easier said than done, I know.  There are no guarantees with diabetes but increasing the chances that things go well is always a good idea!

2 thoughts on “My Guaranteed* Good Day with Diabetes Plan

  1. Reyna Maher

    This is so insightful Sysy. Thank you. It is still somewhat difficult to “talk” Joe into some food choices that will eliminate wide swings. We definitely stick with one’s we know and on the “activity” forget about it!!! That kid is one scooter ride away from a low…ALWAYS! LOL.

  2. Sysy Post author

    lol I don’t know how you do it, Reyna. I didn’t know before having kids but now I realize that getting them to eat certain foods is like…well, it’s no picnic, one day they love a certain food and the next they can’t stand the sight of it! Lately, my son won’t eat anything except oatmeal and blueberries. I seriously don’t know you parents of CWD do it!

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