New Year’s Resolution for March/April


My goal for January and February was to lose 10 pounds.  I lost 6 on the scale and my body has some shifted weight.  For example, clothes is tighter in places where I might have built more muscle, and looser in places where I’ve lost fat.  So although I didn’t hit my 10 pound goal, at least I’m moving in the right direction.  I’ve gained a lot of strength rather quickly by working out with the kettle bell and am currently strong enough to no longer buckle under the weight of my toddlers (Seriously, I feel like I could lift my husband off of the ground but he won’t let me attempt it).  I feel like Winter really isn’t the right time for weight loss goals.  It feels more like the right time to read on the couch with a cup of coffee while wearing some warm socks.  I’ll stick with the kettle bell and see what else happens.

Anyway, for March and April my goal is to get organized.  I’m tempted to post pictures of my room here for you to see and believe but my husband and other family members read this blog and they might be mortified.  So for everyone’s sake, you’ll have to take my word on this.  I’m pretty much sloppy, my husband works a lot of hours, and that last comment really is no excuse.  Things have to change.  I’m taking two whole months to focus on this, maybe starting one room at a time?  Are any of you a sort of neat freak that can offer me tips?  Anyone have suggestions on minimalism?  I’d like to get rid of a lot of useless stuff but don’t even know where to start.

Sidenote:  I call them resolutions, but you can call it a goal, change, new habit, or an improvement.  The key is to not stand still this year.  Make something better.  And don’t say you can’t.  Because then you won’t.

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