My Diabetes Is No Indonesian Tsunami

Photo courtesy of Evgeni Dinev
Photo courtesy of Evgeni Dinev


This past week has been easier diabetes-wise.  All the news about what has happened in and around Japan is an eye-opener at the very least.  I’m not a diabetic caught in a super high wave and I’m not a diabetic running away from the risk of nuclear meltdown.  The ground beneath me isn’t shaking.  I’m a diabetic cozily lodged in a valley of protective mountains, in a comfortable apartment, with no more a nuisance than the annual stink bug.

Yes, I have diabetes, but my diabetes is no Indonesian tsunami or 9.0 on the Richter scale.  I have a place to live and insurance with which to buy by medical supplies. 

I’m just thinking about all those people…especially the diabetics out there who probably aren’t able to put their health first because they’re just trying to survive another day.

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