National Diabetes Alert Day 2011


Today, March 22nd is National Diabetes Alert Day.  The CDC says one in four Americans has diabetes and doesn’t know it.  This is the diabetes worse case scenario.  Education and awareness are the only tools to begin helping someone who has diabetes but doesn’t know it.  Here is a link to the National Diabetes Education Program’s diabetes risk test which anyone can take.  It’s available in Spanish there as well.

We need to help spread the word about diabetes symptoms and risk factors because undiagnosed diabetes is the worst kind to have.  Once diagnosed, lifestyle changes and appropriate treatment can begin and not only can a person start feeling better, they can prevent all sorts of complications or at least slow down their progression. 

This is also a wake up call for those who have diabetes.  We don’t want people to lose hope.  We want  people to know that they can live a great life with diabetes.  This involves taking diabetes seriously and working closely with your doctor.  The first step in managing your diabetes is to acknowledge it, not ignore it.  If you’ve been told you have diabetes, don’t ignore it.  Learn about it and take control of your health.  You can do it.  You can feel better and you can greatly improve your future.  Make the decision today, to meet your diabetes head on.  Check out online diabetes blogs to find out how people with all types of diabetes are living wonderful lives with diabetes, one day at a time.

Spread the word to your friends and family.  Diabetes is increasing it’s prevalence and we all need to be aware of the risk factors and symptoms.

If you don’t have any symptoms but have a family history of diabetes, you also cannot lose hope.  Your genes do not typically have control over 100% of your outcome.  Your actions carry a lot of weight, too.  Learn about lifestyle changes you can make to delay or prevent diabetes.  It’s very much worth a try :)

Learn more here:

National Diabetes Education Program Website

American Diabetes Association Website

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