#HAWMC Health Haiku

Photo courtesy of dan
Photo courtesy of dan


The prompt for today is to write a haiku about one’s condition.  I made up a fictitious conversation between an older and wise diabetic to a young and frustrated one.  (I don’t know why but I made them kind of country)


Diabetes ain’t

a good reason to despair

just continue on…



You dunno what it’s

like, here in Wilford’s shadow

‘betes has me worn



I’m gonna tell you this:

I know you can handle it

and live really grand


What do I do huh?

I feel like I’m being beat

I don’t want this thing



You must accept it

that is the key, then you work-

work, consistently.



Sadly folks, Friday’s prompt is to write another poem…lol


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hehe…Wilford’s shadow…very good haiku!

lol I had to throw him in there

Love the “country” spin Sysy!

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