#HAWMC Shouting From The Rooftop of This Blog!

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Courtesy of Graur Codrin


Today’s Health Activist Writer’s Challenge prompt is a post secret. Or something personal we want to share or something we just want to shout from the rooftops.

So officially, I’m proclaiming that…

We deserve a cure for this disease because even though we’re happy, we’re living a crazy weird life full of needles and fear and paranoia. Many of us pay more than a dollar per strip every time we test-which we do many times a day! We count carbohydrates before taking a bite of food. We set alarms in the middle of the night to make sure we stay alive. We deal with mood swings from our changes in blood sugar. Many of us cannot survive without insulin for more than a few days. High blood sugar can kill us and low blood sugar can kill us. At any moment. We get tired but can’t quit fighting. For us, any small activity can be a complicated experiment. We often sacrifice our passions to work where we can get adequate health insurance. We try hard and often, we still don’t win. We deal with intense physical, psychological, and emotional pain without any breaks.

The fact that many of us are very kind, happy and healthy people is only a testament to how strong and soulful people can be. This observation is not to be used as proof that we don’t need or deserve a cure. We do. We need help. We need support. We need technological advancements. We need funding for all of the above.

Please keep that in mind when you see our fabulous selves walking down the street.

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