HAWMC# Ekphrasis Post

We’re to find a creative commons picture on Flickr that inspires us and then write about it without editing for 15 minutes.  So here goes:

Belchite courtesy of Estrella de Queso

Belchite courtesy of Estrella de Queso


The place in this photo looks abandoned.  Yet, I can still see enough to know this place once looked pretty magnificent.  So why has it been left alone?  Somehow a sense of dread comes over me while pondering that question.  Because who would leave such a pretty place?   The photographer says this was taken in the autonomous community of Aragon in Spain, I imagine it was ravaged by war because seriously, it just looks way too nice to leave.  That and there is all that rubble lying around. 

So then how sad it must have been for those living there, to have their beautiful homes destroyed.  the balcony that remains in the center of the photo is calling me.  I have always loved balconies.  The simple looking ones that are surrounded by great architecture, earthy colors, and rich textures.  Although, pfft!  In reality what would I do on a balcony?  I have one now and only take in some sun on it for the purpose of getting vitamin D-not for the purpose of enjoying the sun’s warmth.  I used to love being outside and I would read outside on a blanket in the yard or look up at the stars at night while lying on top of the family picnic table.  Now, my many outdoor allergies ruin all the fun. 

So I suppose a place like this for me is more like a curiosity evoker.  I probably would get bored here pretty quickly.  I’d enjoy hearing the story about this place but I’m sure I would not step onto the balcony for very long because I’m not much into relaxing anymore.  I can see myself now, standing there amidst all the beauty and with my hands on my hips thinking, “what needs to be done?”  The day dreamy days are over and the duty filled days of adulthood are here.  (Is that Florence speaking?)  I’m pretty content with gazing at a photo like this every now and then and feeling some wonderment like a kid again, though :)

Funny, where a photograph and our thoughts will take us.

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