Give Awareness, Get Awareness


April is Autism Awareness Month.  The Awareness Day for this was the 2nd of April, so I missed it.  But I’m writing about this because my mom called me the other day informing me that it was Autism Awareness Month and it occurred to me if we people with diabetes plea to others to listen to our information, get to know what our lives are like, and if we ask them to care about our cause, we should probably do the same for them.  Reading about autism I realized we have some things in common.  Our conditions have no cure.  Our conditions carry a stigma.  The rate of diagnosis for diabetes and for autism are rising each year.  Our conditions are expensive.  And, we are all often so misunderstood.

I don’t think it takes a lot of time out of our day to learn just a little bit about something else.  So because it is the kind and caring thing to do and because we should set an example of what we’d like in return,  here are some quick links to check out about Autism Awareness month.    Thanks, Mom!



Autism Awareness Day

Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew

Ten Things Your Student with Autism Wishes You Knew

One thought on “Give Awareness, Get Awareness

  1. Mary Kay

    Hi Sysy,
    Your mom told me you included this info in your blog. Thanks so much from all of us who have family members with autism and who work with individuals who have autism and their families every day. Your message is an important one: we need to listen to each other…how much we can learn from each other…and beginning these conversations breaks down barriers, rubs out stigmas and the lines of discrimination get a bit blurrier. Thanks! MK

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