Parents of Children with Diabetes, You are My Hero


It’s Diabetes Blog Week!

Today we’re to pick a type of blogger who is different from us and write about how they inspire us.  This is easy for me as I have to say that parents of children with type 1 diabetes inspire me the most. 

I have to start by saying I do not call anyone my “hero” because of how cheesy it sounds.  In this case I make an exception because the truth in this instance outweighs the embarrassment factor.

Maybe it’s because I’m a parent now and understand the amount of heartache involved in parenting- something inconceivable to a non-parent.  I’ve never felt so much joy and anguish in my entire life (and my kids aren’t even two yet)! 

I know all about type 1 by living with it for over 16 years.  Put that knowledge together and what you get is not someone who knows what it’s like to have a child with diabetes, but someone who imagines that being one of the toughest jobs on earth.  I’m seriously amazed at how parents of D kids support each other and share what works and doesn’t work for them.  They share the funny and cute things their kids do and the learning process that they go through.  They share the scary moments and the sadness and worry.  I wish my parents had had the DOC when my sister and I were young and seemingly alone with type 1 diabetes.  My parents did well by taking all the diabetes related challenges in stride but emotional support would have been nice as well as the knowledge that they were not the only ones raising more than one child with type 1 diabetes.  I lived in an interesting household, I think.  I am the oldest and type 1.  Then I have a brother just a year and a half younger.  Then follows a sister, then another sister-who also has type 1 and was diagnosed at age 3.  Then I have another brother, 15 years younger than me.  Not only was there crowd control involved but two really different ages of children with type 1 to deal with.  At the same time my parents were dealing with a teenager with diabetes, they were dealing with a young child with it.  Man, the DOC would have been nice through all that (I imagine). 

Anyway, to you parents of children with diabetes, thank you for showing your amazing strength and unwavering support.  You do something most of the world doesn’t think is too hard and doesn’t understand.  You have to work when other parents get to rest.  You have to worry 24/7.  You have to celebrate tiny victories because you know how relentless tiny bits of bad news comes by way of a glucose meter.  It must be so exhausting. 

When you feel overwhelmed as a parent of a child with diabetes, remember that chances are totally in your favor that they will grow up to be happy and healthy adults.  I didn’t think I would ok at 27 (28 in a few days) and not only am I doing ok,  I’m doing awesome.  So you do what YOU have to do for YOUR kid and I promise there will be easier days ahead when your kid is an adult taking the reigns of management from you and thanking you for your hard work and dedication in getting them there.

To MY mom and dad:  I didn’t know how hard you had it and now only have an idea.  Thank you for raising two young children with type 1 diabetes all while raising three others, working full-time, giving back to the community, and setting an example to us of strength, commitment, love, and faith.  The main message I take away is that life is not meant to be easy but that doesn’t mean it can’t be full of purpose or meaning, and down right great!

7 thoughts on “Parents of Children with Diabetes, You are My Hero

  1. Reyna

    :) You inspire me Sysy. I love your positive self-talk and the way you view dealing with “D”. Your insight and perspective help us D’Rents immensely. Thank You.

  2. Steve

    I agree with Reyna. Thank you so much for your words of kindness, strength and support. You cannot imagine how helpful they are.

  3. Meri

    THAT is why I love you! You inspire hope in my heart! Reading your posts show me the wonderful future my boys have ahead of them!

    Thank you!

  4. Tamara

    Thank you for the wonderful post. You would understand as many do not. I too have two children with type 1. A 16 year old boy and a 12 year old girl. I also have another 15 year old boy without it and a husband with Type 1. Days can get challenging, especially, with the teenage years. I also enjoyed your post about the drinking and diabetes. This is always a big fear for me. Thanks for sharing your life.

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