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For today’s Diabetes Blog Week post I chose a wildcard option (instead of writing a letter) and did a video post since they are the most challenging thing for me since I’m no public speaker AND get terrible anxiety in front of a camera but I’m a proponent of doing one thing each day that scares me so here we go!

A little info before you watch:

I was diagnosed type 1 at age 11 in 1994.  Since then, I’ve been mostly a decent person, and mostly one of integrity.  Here in the following vlog I mention two shameful ways I used my diabetes for my benefit when I was a kid.  (my blood sugar is dropping during this video in case you notice any drowsiness, or that may just be me, I dunno.)  If you have any similar stories, please share.  I can’t be the only one!

11 thoughts on “VLOG about Diabetes Admissions

  1. Karen

    I loved these confessions and admire you for coming clean after all these years. Pretty normal for a teen to play the D-Card though, I think. Great vlog!! (PS: I moved the link for this post off of the Letter Writing linky list and onto the Wildcard linky list. Just FYI in case you wonder what happened to the link!!)

  2. Mike Durbin

    OMG, I’m laughing my butt off right now. Such a heart felt and remorseful vlog. Almost brought a tear to my eye. :-P

    Nicely done, Sysy.

  3. Melissa E

    I love this Sysy. Wonder what your math teacher would say now if he saw this video! You do a great job with vlog, you should do them more often! I am missing out on diabetes blog week. I should sign up and do the rest of the week, but this week has been crazy and diabetes is not on the brain today.

  4. Angela (Toucan Scraps)

    that’s nothing compared to some of the things I did out of shear boredom.

    Great vblog. My kids are helping me with vblogging for the wildcard on Wednesday.

    blessings to you
    from Angela (dmom twice)

  5. Reyna

    Thanks for the “eye-opener”…I will be ready for Joe’s antics. No worries, I’ll go easy on him to a point. As always your insight is so very helpful.



  6. Scully

    I’ve been waiting till I got home before I could finally watch this. BRILLIANT. You had me laughing out loud (not a lot does that to me) but the part that got me the most?

    “I was just trying to make light of a very difficult disease to live with”

    Amen sistah.

  7. Melanie

    OMG love this.
    A) you have to email me the teacher’s name.
    B) do you remember in college, you and I went to dinner with our friends and there was a wait at the restaurant and we told them that you were diabetic and we needed to either get seated or get some drink and food.
    C) Love you!!!

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