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I was invited by Gary Scheiner, author of Think Like A Pancreas to try out a class from Type 1 University.  Type 1 University offers online learning experiences from highly qualified certified diabetes educators for those with diabetes who use insulin.  Even though I’m pretty knowledgeable about diabetes and health topics in general, I know there is ALWAYS more to learn.  So needless to say I jumped at the chance.  My latest woe is those 20 pounds I can’t seem to get rid of so I chose to take the weight loss for insulin users course. 

The day of the class I was emailed the link to the class and the password.  I was also emailed the slides for the presentation, mine to keep.  Once in I realized Gary was giving the class live, which I wasn’t expecting.  So you get a certified diabetes educator on audio and video, chatting you, and talking you through the class with slides.  You can chat him questions during the class and get the sense you’re on a one-on-one visit with a CDE.  It was pretty cool. 

Gary Scheiner has type 1 diabetes so don’t worry about feeling preached to.  It’s more about him sharing what he knows with you and doing so in an easy to understand manor, full of relatable examples, and often in a humorous way.  If you get Karen Franey leading the class, she has a child with type 1 diabetes and is also a CDE, so again no worries about someone not “getting it”.

I had no problem paying attention to this hour long class and found it fun to sit at my desk in front of the computer, with my lunch while enjoying a multi-faceted learning experience.

About that…I got reminded about how weight loss works for people with type 1 diabetes.  My suspicions about more insulin resulting in more fat were confirmed.  What is great about this class is you get plenty of information and guidance on how to lower insulin needs safely and get to a place where weight loss is possible and simultaneous with proper blood sugar management.  You also get important information on exercise and diabetes that I feel was really valuable to hear. 

I’m excited about my refreshed efforts to lose weight as a type 1 diabetic and will be filling you all in next month on my progress. 

Want to take a class?  Go to Type 1 University and you will see a column in purple of all the courses available.  You will notice that a prerecorded class is $19.95, which is a great deal and might certainly fit your style.  For just $29.95 though you can have a live class and get access to the CDE for questions that pop up in the middle of the presentation and includes a printable copy of the slides for note-taking sent to you by email.  All without leaving your home.

High quality, convenient diabetes education with a CDE who gets it?  Priceless!



Disclosure:  Yes, I took the class for free but I’m only writing about it because I loved it and wanted to tell you about it. 

3 thoughts on “Type 1 University

  1. Susan

    Did the Weight Loss On Insulin REALLY help you out? I’m kinda iffy about spending $20 to just learn something I already know. Does it teach you anything else besides the fact that the smaller amount of insulin you use the easier it is to lose weight?

  2. Sysy Post author

    Hey Susan! I would totally ask the same question. Something that happens to me is that I’m constantly in a juggling state when it comes to all the info I have about something such as losing weight with my type 1 diabetes. I tend to feel pulled in all sorts of directions. My blood sugars do best with a low carb diet but I gain weight easily with more than a small amount of fat in my diet so that is hard to sustain because I will gain weight. So then I’ll reduce fat but obviously get hungry and have carbs which will then give me a harder time with blood sugars and perhaps raise my insulin resistance and my need for insulin. I’ve been in this frustrated cycle of thinking (which lately has lead me to say “the heck with this” and eat outside of what I know to be good for me) so when I took this class which took me through all the ins and outs of weight management and the unique challenges faced by someone who takes insulin, I felt sort of relieved and refocused. Yes, it dealt with all the basics you can read in a book but because it let me sit back and soak it all in again, and I fairly trusted the person giving me the info (because he has type 1 and is thin and healthy), I walked away from the class with a feeling of renewed motivation to try to find a balance in my diet (keep carbs low, eat less fat, in essense eat more veggies, see how that works/feels) and to stop putting off finding out what’s wrong with my feet (turns out I have plantar fascitis which, now that I know what it is, I can work towards healing and then get to doing more cardio again-which will certainly help me towards my goal), and perhaps part of the effect is an outsider confirming what I already know and giving me the extra push that I needed. It’s one thing to know what to do and a completely different thing to actually do it. So I found this class a helpful kick in the pants that I felt I needed and that’s why I’d recommend it to people like us who are well informed but especially to those who aren’t. This may or may not be something you can use, I just figured that since I found it a helpful experience I would spread the word. Thanks for your comment, you probably spoke for a lot of people and voiced their concern :)

  3. Reyna

    I have been so interested in these classes. I need to make the time for them. I have his “pizza sampler” on my sidebar. He is so stinkin’ smart and easy to follow. There is nothing like a CDE who has type 1…nothing.

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