Mornings at the Muñoz Household

Wait, Muñoz?  You didn’t change your last name when you married?  Nope.  Social security never listed my status correctly when I moved over here at the ripe old age of one so even though I’ve always been an American citizen, my social security status doesn’t have me listed as one.  So to change my name I have to have that status changed and that takes a 300-some dollar form that I don’t have the money for considering the name thing is not a priority on the expense list.     

Anyway, mornings have always been sort of “blah” for me.  Maybe it’s because I’m not a morning person.  I feel sleepy until 10am every day.  I also have allergies so I wake up with scratchy, dry eyes that hurt to open.  Then my morning consists of changing diapers, making breakfast for the kids, and the knowledge I won’t be speaking to an adult for 8 more hours which makes me feel sort of loony.  I wonder how many stay at home moms have felt this strain of imbalance?   I mean I LOVE being with my kids as does any mom but being with them all the time is completely different than seeing them only a few hours each day. 

It is nice to witness all their shenanigans, though.  It’s also a fun social experiment for me to see two of the same age, raised in the same environment and yet be so different.  It’s quite fascinating.  Aurora waltzes around doing karate kicks and dance moves in between yoga poses.  Alex and I are seriously thinking of putting her in karate, gymnastics, or dance lessons, especially considering how much she likes to eat.  She may or may not pay attention to you if you talk to her because she may be too “busy” daydreaming or something.  She is as hard-headed as me (ugh!)  Henri incessantly bugs his sister for his own amusement (hmm…reminds me of my brother).  He learns awfully quick.  He likes neatness and has initiative.  He picks up after his sister and when we’re leaving the house he starts dragging the baby bag out the door before my husband picks it up.  Soon he’ll be changing his own diaper.  Ok I’m dreaming.  Maybe he’ll get into gymnastics, too.  I just got the pleasure of seeing how he manages to get out of the crib.  Using total upper body strength he raises his body up over the railing smoothly and then very slowly uses that same upper body strength to gently lower himself to the ground.  His little arms tremble under the strain of all his body weight as his feet dangle.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Then again he did move around and flip over in his crib at 8 days old-something that preemies don’t supposedly do.  Ok enough baby bragging. 

 May 2011 037

The past few days I’ve had this for breakfast right after my yoga and honestly, I can’t help but notice the pick me up I feel after drinking it.  It’s got one cup of romaine lettuce, one cup of spinach, one cup of kale, one lemon, a bit of ginger root, and some mint and basil.  This doesn’t make a lot of juice so I mix this with water and get a glass of what looks like bright swamp water.  It’s not the most heavenly tasting juice but it feels so good!  The kids drink it, too, so it can’t be that awful.  When they’re older I’ll introduce them to my old favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoons and tell them this is the “Turtle Drink”.  Probably won’t work…but oh and I don’t have to give insulin for it since my yoga puts me around 70-80 when I’m done and this is super low carb.  It’s helpful if I can have steady blood sugars during the night and then throughout the morning before I possibly ruin them at lunch time.

It’s not easy staying motivated enough to do yoga and eat healthy but…one day at a time right?  As much as I feel mornings will never be my thing, I have to admit, knocking out a day’s worth of veggie intake and exercise first thing each day is a bit of a relief :)

3 thoughts on “Mornings at the Muñoz Household

  1. Melissa E

    Sysy…you are braver than me…I don’t think I could drink the Turtle Juice! I feel the same disconnect during the day since I am at home most of the day without anyone else to talk to as well. It can be a little boring but your kiddos sound like they can be quite amusing!

  2. Reyna

    Ah, seriously… WOW. How you get it all done with two little ones, twins none-the-less, I will never know. That juice is something else. I am not sure if I have ever seen a food that color in liquid form. You are doing something wonderful for yourself and your children. Keep it up! AND…I remember those days of craving adult interaction!!! Oy.

  3. Scully

    Oooohhh… it looks good and I’d like to try something like that. First I’d need a blender though…. hmmm…

    and brag on about the kids, I love reading about them.

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