What Are Your Favorite Snack Foods?

photo courtesy of Grant Cochrane

photo courtesy of Grant Cochrane


Since the weekend is coming up and I’m about to take my daughter to the allergist (fingers crossed ya’ll) I thought a short and simple post was in order.

Here are my favorite snacks…(which are often a meal or part of a meal):


-papaya with lime

-celery with almond butter


-veggies and hummus

-tomato and bacon (a surprisingly indulgent treat)

-boiled egg

-organic beef or turkey jerky

-mozzarella cheese slices with some basil and tomato

-nuts, especially walnuts and almonds

-Greek yogurt

-Belgian endive

What are yours?  Do share!

6 thoughts on “What Are Your Favorite Snack Foods?

  1. Melissa E

    I want all of your snacks! They sound yummy. My favorite snack are nuts. I buy them raw and roast them at home. I also like apples and cheese. Good luck at the allergist!

  2. Sysy Post author

    ooh! apples and cheese! yum :) All went well at the allergist, we just have to continue to avoid some foods…oh well. Thanks so much for the well wishes!

  3. Karen

    They aren’t “no carb”, but I’m hooked on cheddar rice cakes lately. And if I could eat nothing for the rest of my life but tomato, basil, mozzarella salad (hold the olive oil but give me a drizzle of balsamic vinegar please), yes, I’d be completely okay with that. :)

  4. Jane

    Hi…I’m brand new here. This looks like a great blog. I look forward to reading it!

    As far as snacks go, a new favorite of mine is mango (a little underripe so less fructose) and coconut cream smoothy.

    1 medium mango
    1-2 Tbs. coconut cream
    1/2 cup milk (can be almond or soy if you prefer)
    Lots of ice
    a touch of stevia to taste

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