Pretty Feet Equals Pain (so does procrastination!)

Photo courtesy of Simon Howden
Photo courtesy of Simon Howden


So I saw a podiatrist today.  Something I should have done long ago.  Thanks to the gentle but firm encouragement from Scott Johnson, I went ahead and made the appointment so that I could rule diabetes out of the painful foot equation and tackle the problem head on.  Honestly, fear and spending money was stopping me from going.

Turns out, I’m happy to report I cannot blame diabetes for any of my foot pain.  I can blame my pretty feet.  Now, I never thought my feet were pretty…although I never felt like hiding them either.  I have a really high arch, which to me has not been a thing of beauty but a thing of nuisance because flat shoes hurt so I always have to find a shoe with a heel and with arch support. 

I have what podiatrists sometimes call “pretty foot pain”- a funny way of saying that a high arch gives an elegant look to the foot which in turn causes a lot of pressure on the heel and ball of the foot.  The doctor looked at my x-rays and said my feet are basically tripods and it was no wonder I was in pain.  The ligament that runs from the toes to the back of the foot is extremely tight and doesn’t give when poked with a finger and this causes inflammation and pain known as plantar fasciitis.  I found out I had that about a month ago but I didn’t know what to do to make it go away.

Basically I need orthotics and I need to stretch a lot to keep everything loose.  The doc suggested fish oil as an anti-inflammatory and for natural pain relief. 

The orthotics are going to cost me an arm and a leg but they are worth it because you know what?  The more uneven pressure certain areas of my foot gets, the faster nerve damage can eventually occur-and I really want to avoid that!

Why didn’t I just go to the podiatrist a year ago?  I was trying to save a measly buck.  In fact, I spent more because I kept buying shoes to try and help my situation (and kept failing).  I could have already paid for the darn orthotic already!

Don’t be like your procrastinating friend.  Put health issues up at the top of your priority list  You’ll save your body and your money in the long run!

2 thoughts on “Pretty Feet Equals Pain (so does procrastination!)

  1. Reyna

    Me too…HIGH arches. I think I may have a stress fx. My heel has been KILLING me. It is slowly getting better with my altered, pathetic versiono of P90X. I have not ran since my last 1/2 marathon :(

    I hope you feel better soon Sysy.

  2. kim

    funny, i just went to a chiropodist (foot dr.) for the first time last week. and like you, i should have gone ages ago! it was amazing how good my feet felt when i left. i too, have high arches which are causing pain and calluses on the ball of my feet. the tripod thing at its finest. he suggested possibly orthotics, and some wonderful cream for dryness. i will be seeing him on a regular basis from now on. why did i wait so long???

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