Virtual 5k Run Today

Alex and I ran the 5k today.  He took a pedometer and a camera with him on his run at a local park. 


He completed his run in under 40 minutes.  However, he was gone for an hour and a half.  Then I took a look at his other pictures and thought, “Of course, you and your nature loving ways got you distracted.”

Somehow Alex came home in desperate need to shower because “I got poison ivy all over my arm and my face”.  (He’s very allergic)  And you know, I wasn’t even surprised.  “How did you run into poison ivy while running in an open park?” I asked him.  “Well, I was hungry and found some wild raspberries nearby and they were so good and I got distracted you know and I didn’t realize there was poison ivy right there…”  “Then I got in the river and washed off the poison ivy there…”  “Whaaat did you do?”  Haha.  I should blog about my dear husband more often, he’s pretty entertaining!

I on the other hand am allergic to trees, grass, weeds, friendly dogs-all of which you might find outside, so I opted for the treadmill when he got back.  Ahh.  Air conditioning.  I have plantar fasciitis in both feet but have been feeling better.  I replaced my old tennis shoes (which were over 5 years old) and got cushiony new ones.  But that’s not what has helped so much.  I had custom made orthotics made when I was 13 years old (because even back then these high arches were a problem).  I was one of those girls who had the womanly figure by age 13 and that also means that my height and foot size were pretty much close to where it would always be.  So strangely enough those old orthotics which I never used back then (I was too cool for that, are you kidding me?) fit my shoes now and they have been really saving my feet.  In fact, I felt ok running that 5k. 

You can still do this, too!  The race ends the 27th.  So get on over here and participate!

3 thoughts on “Virtual 5k Run Today

  1. Reyna

    Phew…I was worried about your feet. AND…Alex should not be allowed out on his own! What a CrAzY guy…wild raspberries…poisin ivy…swamp water baths…ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    Great job Sysy. xo

  2. Melissa E

    Good job! I need to do this. I guess I am being lazy as its about 1000 degrees here and we dont have a treadmill. Does running in place count :-P

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