The Weird Place I Usually Inject

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Does anyone out there inject insulin into the area just above their breasts?  This feels awkward to admit but I do.  Just above the breast tissue but below the collar bone is where I mostly inject insulin. 

I’ve been injecting there for about 6 years now.  I got desperate to inject somewhere other than my stomach.  My stomach and hips were just all knotted up with scar tissue from years of pumping (and perhaps not rotating sites adequately).  I’ve been getting allergy shots in both arms every week for 10 years so my arms are out.  My legs have always been the most muscular part of me and so I just don’t feel comfortable injecting there.  It hurts more, too.  Sometimes I’ve gone into the muscle and that changes insulin function (makes it faster). 

A doctor once told me I could inject anywhere on my body as long as it was adipose tissue.  I looked down one day and thought, gee, there is some easy to access adipose tissue right there.  This is not to be confused with breast tissue or the pectoral muscle by the way.  Many of us who are not super skinny have a tiny bit of fat just above the breast, especially since most of us wear bras, which do some lifting action.  (Trust that this post is actually making me squirm right now)

Anyway, I find insulin absorption is really fast in this area so I find it particularly helpful to use when high.  I also don’t like pulling up my shirt to inject in my belly out in public and I don’t like injecting through clothes (makes me nervous that the insulin won’t reach me).  Thus, for so many reasons, I really like injecting here.  Want to see what it looks like?  I have to show you because it sounds crazier than it looks.  Just remember, this can’t be done if you’re really thin or just don’t happen to accumulate any extra fat in the chest area.  I’m an hourglass so unfortunately, I just gain all over, evenly.   

Demonstration video which you WON’T be making fun of:

15 thoughts on “The Weird Place I Usually Inject

  1. Scully

    Oh yes!!
    I came to a similar conclusion not long ago. Where else can I go? was the question. Hmm.. fatty tissue, fatty tissue… BOOBS are fatty tissue!
    I have had a boob post I’ve been meaning to write.

  2. Caroline

    WOW!! You just blew my mind. I will definitely try it–seems like such a weird area, I get squirmy thinking about it… But I have totally been thinking I need to give my stomach a rest at some point. I have a superstition about doing Lantus in my legs only & I hate doing my arms–it creeps me out for some reason in a really intense way. Like in a scene from SAW way.

    However above-boob injections are just cool. Thanks!

  3. Amanda S.

    Wow! I have never considered doing that before. From your insulin pump days did you ever use that area for an infusion set? Is that even possible? I know I watched your video, but I still feel like it would hurt. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Teresa

    I just started doing the same. I intend to ask my DR about it because my concern is possibly causing a blocked duct, etc to encourage breast scarring or cancer. My incentive was if insulin stimulates the growth of fat cells then Id rather they be near my breasts then my belly.

  5. Sysy Post author

    Not at all. And of course, I’m not injecting in the breasts at all but just above them in the fatty tissue-it’s important to note. Thanks for your comment!

  6. bill

    I am about 50 lbs overweight, so I have some fat in the breast area.
    I do the left in the am the right in the noon and stomach at pm and night.
    it appears to work ok, gives all areas a rest, and does not form hard areas. do get a bruise once in a while, but that is normal no matter where you inject

  7. Jen

    Hi Sysy, thanks for sharing your experience! That place is really worth to try!
    I also inject most of my short insulin into unusual place: the piece of arm between elbow and wrist. To the “back side” of the arm. I dont know if there is enough fatty tissue, but I’ve never had problems with insulin absorbtion from there so far.

  8. Megan Kershner

    This is four years after you posted your comment (9/2015), but I just read it and was interested. I have just started putting my infusion set into the side of my breast. I tried it on the right inside breast for three days and the blood sugars were so-so… not great, but not horrible. Tonight I put the infusion set into the outside part of my left breast. I have been on an insulin pump since 1984, and like you mentioned, I am running out of places to put the infusion set. ( I have also been on a Continuous Glucose Monitor since they first came out. Between the pump and sensor, there are not enough areas to put the devices. My blood sugars have been higher than I like for quite awhile, so was interested to read what you are doing. I may try it, though I don’t have much chub on the upper chest. Thanks for sharing, and if there is anything worthwhile to report, I will do so.

    Megan :)

  9. Joseph Everett

    I came across this after having a viewer of mine ask if people ever use insulin to enlarge their butt or breasts with insulin. (In a video, I briefly mentioned how some people end up with bulbous fat deposits on the belly where they frequently inject insulin)
    I don’t mean to be crass and am simply curious, but have you noticed that your breast(s?) have changed in size after you started doing this?

    Thanks for sharing,

  10. Sysy Post author

    Valid question. I haven’t no. But, I also have never injected directly in my breast tissue, just in the fatty area above them (which thanks to wearing a bra creates this area to become available to inject in). I have given this area a break now to ensure I don’t get scare tissue or any fat deposits.

  11. Raena Harmon

    Thank you for this video, I had been contemplating trying my breasts because I can’t use my stomach anymore and my legs are muscular so it hurts from time to time. I just gave myself a shot in the boob after watching you video and it was painless thank you for sharing.

  12. Kate

    Do you want larger breasts? Then injecting insulin into your breasts should cause them to enlarge, since Insulin helps you lay down fat, and this is more likely to happen at Injection sites.
    Seperate issue have you tried using a very low carb or carnivore diet? The less carbohydrate you consume the less insulin you need, this holds true for both T1 & T2. Apparently some T1 when eating carnivore have found they don’t need insulin. Just a passing thought in case you had not heared.

  13. Janet Love

    You can live perfectly well without carbs, in fact, the body doesn’t NEED any, just protein and fats. Any sugar or glucose required will be made to order by your liver.
    – The hardest part is making sure you DON’T eat them as they’re hidden everywhere!
    Try for under 200 grams per day, then half that for the next week, then half again. If you’re reading Food Labels…then trash that Factory Processed Poison. Go fresh instead.
    Fewer carbs, = less insulin required = less coronary artery damage , even for T1. In the days before insulin, it was the only way to survive for T1

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