Good Habits Versus Bad Habits

Photo courtesy of Michal Marcol


It’s probably easier to adhere to good habits instead of always fighting the consequences of bad habits. I don’t mean “good” as in right or “bad” as in wrong. I mean “good” as in conducive to one’s goals and “bad” as in non-conducive to one’s goals.

I just read a post that talked about discipline being a myth.  The post was written by Leo Babauta where he made me think that basically, our life’s activities are made up of our habits and the outcome of what we do is based on whether those habits we have are good or bad.  Motivation, in every case is what makes us do something, not discipline.  So then self-discipline is an illusion.  Makes sense, right? 

Let’s imagine a community somewhere has the habit of exercising together before work, the habit of eating healthy meals, and the habit of say, meditating each day to reduce stress.  Well, we can assume that with minimal effort and with a nice avalanche of motivation, they will all have decent health.  Whereas in our community, if we are one of those with the habit of pancakes for breakfast and a sedentary lifestyle, well, it’s undoubtedly going to be extra hard to be healthy.  

The point is that a healthy lifestyle is easier to maintain when we make it what we always do-a habit.  It’s also easier to maintain when everyone else is doing it.  And that’s something that is a great big challenge.  You know, I’ve always been called a “health nut” and it was always said with a negative association attached.  Geez.  What’s my problem?  Why get so hung up on health?  I mean, I should just relax right?  lol

I learned a long time ago to go ahead and be different if needed to be-if it was for the best.  And I mostly learned that from my dad.  Today is his birthday.  Happy Birthday, Dad!  I hope you have many, many more! ~ love, Sysy

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