Being Ok with Being Different

The road to health is often lonely  (Thanks to Renjith Krishnan for the image)


I often say that acceptance is the key to beginning to really manage one’s diabetes.  You have to work it, not fight it.  A part of accepting your diabetes is to accept the fact that you have to be different.  This, as you know, isn’t easy.  We humans like to follow each other, hang out together and do similar activities.  We feel comfortable and cozy this way.  So when it comes to those who best manage their diabetes, one thing I’ve noticed them doing is standing alone on many of the things they do.  They have the strength and confidence to do so.  Don’t you think?

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One thought on “Being Ok with Being Different

  1. Meagan

    So true Sysy. Wish I’d realized this a long time ago. Now, (FINALLY) I’m okay with being different. I am one tough cookie and proud of it! :)

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