Long Time No See

Me with my short hair after I donated 10 inches to Locks of Love

Editors note: This is a post by my sister, Ana Morales.

Hey everyone, it’s been a while! My apologies for temporarily disappearing, although I’m sure my sister, the creator of this site, has been keeping you all well-informed and entertained :]. This post is mainly just an update on what’s been going on in my life, but I will start posting more regularly (once or twice a month) very soon.

Well back in May, I finished my fourth semester of college. My classes were challenging, but I learned a lot about art, myself, and quite a few other things. During the last half of the semester, I had a lot of morning lows, which interfered with my 8 am math class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Sometimes I’d wake up at 6am with low blood sugar, drink some juice, fall back asleep, and sleep through my alarms. The class was only 50 minutes long and it was a 10-minute walk, not to mention I needed a minimum of three or four minutes to get ready…so needless to say, I ended up missing the class a few times. Other times, I would wake up on time, but my blood sugar would be low and instead of getting ready, I’d have to eat or drink something and wait for it to kick in. It didn’t help that attendance wasn’t mandatory, I’m not a morning person, and the temperatures were often below freezing. I did work hard in the class though, and I ended up with a B. Not ideal, but still good.

I still have a lot of morning lows, and I’m not sure what change or changes have triggered this (perhaps the few pounds that I’ve lost?), but over a few weeks I have reduced my Lantus dose by 8 units and it seems to have helped. Also, just like last year, I have noticed that being home after being away at school makes it easier for me to manage my diabetes. My blood sugar levels are more stable, I snack less, and I feel better in general. I’m still working on keeping it this way during the school year as well.

Another thing I’ve noticed in the past few months is that when I’m eating, I get filled up more quickly than I used to, but I’m also hungry more frequently. Because of this, I get hungry almost every night, but I resist eating anything because it usually affects my blood sugar negatively later on.

In terms of my art, I’ve gained skills in metal work, jewelry making, figure drawing, and computer graphics. I changed the concentration of my major from painting and drawing to art education, although my primary studio courses will still be in painting and drawing. I decided to join the art education program because it’s cheaper to do it now rather than later, and also because I want to have a back up plan, in terms of financial stability, that will not keep me from being involved in art.

A pair of earrings I made in my metals class


Currently, I am working away on a series of paintings and drawings that will hopefully be on display in one of the art galleries at JMU next year. The theme focuses on the relationship between the human figure and emotions, with an emphasis on hand gestures. I’ll have more information about the series on my website soon.

By the middle of August I’ll be back at JMU for two weeks of RA (Resident Advisor) training before I commence my junior year of college. I decided to become an RA so that I could earn some money (gotta pay off those pesky student loans…), but also because, as a naturally introverted person, I want to kind of force myself to open up, be more assertive, get more involved, etc.  I believe these traits will also help improve my diabetes control, so that will be another benefit. Even though being in charge of a dorm scares me, I admit that I’m pretty excited about it and also proud of myself for deciding to apply and pushing myself through the interviews even though just the thought of an interview gives me anxiety.  The fact that I was accepted sure made me believe in myself a little more :P

Anyway, I have to go study for a health test (I’m taking an online summer class), but I’ll be back soon! :]

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