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Larger Than Life by Ana Morales

“Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have been reflecting on the above quote for sometime.

It’s quite a powerful message in a very short sentence.  I think that in one way or another, most of us do something that is different from what we say-obviously because we’re human.  For example, I have a friend who says she lacks confidence.  I don’t think it matters because every time I see her she is standing up straight, looking people in the eye, speaking her mind, and living in a way I’d describe as “confidently”.  In this case, I don’t hear what she says because I see her actions and they override her words.  I believe she feels a lack of confidence-I don’t mean to say she is lying.  I just think that she does a great job of putting her feelings of doubt to the side and tries to live as a confident person, even though she sometimes doesn’t feel that way.  So her actions win.

Whereas someone who says they have confidence and then don’t make eye contact, seem to hide when people are around, and don’t stand up for themselves are also speaking most loudly with their actions.

Anyway, this quote has been making me think about all that I say.  Let’s face it, because I write a post on here, 5 days a week, I’m saying a lot!  But am I doing it?  Am I living it?  I’ve been checking myself lately to ensure that there is a consistent line between what I say and do.  It’s not easy because we all have great intentions-that’s for sure.  But how well are we carrying those out?

I think it’s great to take time out of each day and reflect, just for a minute or two on the message in this quote.  It’s a wonderful way to maintain a realistic perspective on our progress with our goals.  When I catch myself not making a straight line between what I say and do, I am forced to refocus and try again.

We’re not perfect, we’re a work in progress and as long as we are, we can always say we are.

2 thoughts on “Say it Loud

  1. Ellen

    Reflecting on whether we act on what we say is essential. We all need to refocus and recharge how we act on what we say… However, if most of the time we do what we say, by my standards, it is good enough. Most of my life, I was set on being perfect to hide who I was and how I felt inside. The rigidity of that way of thinking takes far too much energy and makes it difficult for others to be around. It has been a long, evolving struggle to change the way I think about myself and allow myself and others to be nust “ok”. The guilt that I suffered when I was not being the person I said I was “all of the time” drained me of the energy to work toward my goal in life…to feel confident, positive, and live a life full of gratitude, kindness, and allowing myself and others to be less than perfect.
    Trust and honesty is an essential part of who I am, thus you can be assured that most of the time what I say, I do. However,knowing that I am flawed and imperfect has been the most important aspect of dealing with guilt, rigidity, and feeling of inadequacy that was part of me for many years. Instead of feeling sadness and stress by not accomplishing my goals some of the time allows be the ability to recharge myself and refocus rather than giving up, feeling depressed and unworthy.. I’m Ok, I am a work in progress…

    Each morning I reflect on what my priorities are at this moment…. what is most important in your life…If this was your last day on Earth, what would you say “You wish you did?” If this were your last day on Earth, Who would you choose to be with? If this were your last day on Earth “What would you want those you love to remember about you”. By focusing on what is a priority, I strive to act on what is most important in my life. Always realizes that most of the time I will do what I say but if I don’t I know that I can rely on myself to strive toward acting the best way I can to allow me to achieve the goals and priorities I feel are most important in my daily life. Put less stress on your body and soul by allowing yourself to be human and let others see your flaws…you will be amazed how much easier it is for everyone…most importantly yourself.

  2. Sysy Post author

    Thank you for your comment, Ellen! Very though provoking and it makes sense. I will be thinking about it today, thank you! (It’s what this “perfectionist” needed to hear :)

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