Busy Busy Busy

The lake right next to my dorm


By Ana Morales

I am so exhausted. Last Friday, I moved back to JMU for RA (resident advisor) training. Most days have lasted 10-12 hours so it’s been pretty intense. Today was fire safety day and I crawled through a hall filled with smoke, used a fire extinguisher for the first time, and attempted to find and drag a 170 pound dummy using drunk goggles. It was definitely a good experience and great practice.

Before moving back, I worried about what my numbers would be like because of the busy schedule, and so far they’ve been all over the place. At first I kept getting low because we were doing a lot of walking and moving around, so I lowered my doses, but I’ve also been feeling anxious and excited quite frequently, so that has probably made my levels rise a little. I’ve been checking whenever I get a chance (before eating, in between presentations, etc.) so that helps. I’ve also been drinking more water. I still have a few more days of training to go, and then the real work begins next week when my 26 freshmen residents arrive. I’m super nervous but I already feel so much more prepared than I did 5 days ago. I’m planning on continuing to check as frequently as I can so that I can maintain good glucose levels and just focus on all these new responsibilities. I know it’s going to be a tough year and good diabetes control definitely won’t hurt!

If you have any tips on how to maintain good, steady blood sugar levels during a busy schedule, please share! And thanks for reading :]

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