Diabetes Sisters Conference San Diego 2011

Happy Friday!  Pheww! It’s been a long week.  It’s the perfect time to think about doing something relaxing or fun.  It’s the perfect time to consider looking into attending the upcoming Diabetes Sisters Conference in San Diego this October 7th-9th!

I attended the Raleigh Conference early this Spring and had a great time.  I made some new friends, I heard amazing speakers, and I got lots of important information and motivation.  What’s special about the Diabetes Sisters Conference?  It’s women only.  It’s focused on our unique challenges as women with diabetes.  It’s also all inclusive.  If you have type 1, 2, LADA, Gestational, whatever type of diabetes you have doesn’t matter.  Founder, Brandy Barnes has maintained a lovely idea of solidarity amongst the organization underneath the fact that we all have diabetes and are all women-and that is a lot in common.

Here is my recap about the weekend when I got back home.

And here is information on the upcoming San Diego conference and all the details you need.

Consider attending if you can.  It’s seriously a special thing when women get together to celebrate, learn, and support each other on topics unique to them.  After all, men don’t exactly know what it’s like to experience pms, pregnancy, or menopause, do they?  :)

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