New Year’s Resolutions for September and October

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My goal for July and August was to exercise each day.  I was to spend both months focused on that one thing.  I couldn’t help but notice how my earlier goal this year of waking up early helped this last goal of exercising.  First, I got into the habit of waking up early every day.  Then, I made that first hour each day be about exercise!  One goal made room in my life for the next!

A week ago I wrote about Tips4Type1! and must say I’m so glad this fundraiser came my way.  My September and October goal is to quit biting my nails.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Seriously?  That’s your big goal?”  I know.  I’ve been a nail biter since I first started getting nervous at school when I was 6 years old.  It’s time to officially break the habit by focusing on it so that I never have to focus on it again.  My son is starting to bite his nails and I’ve realized how that is MY fault.

So, since I don’t bite my nails while they’re painted and I’ve got this great blue and silver nail polish that symbolizes diabetes awareness, I will just diligently keep my nails painted for diabetes!  How about that?

By the way, I’m using Leo Babauta’s 6 Changes Method which works like this: you make 6 changes a year by focusing on each for a full two months at a time.  The idea is that if we do something for two months, we’ve pretty much created a solid habit and can more easily sustain it over time.  It’s working for me this year just as it did last year.  This time of year is really busy which is why I chose a small goal to focus on. I’m quite relieved about that fact right about now. :)

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions for September and October

  1. Scully

    Ah I love your motivation and optimism! you are so REAL.
    I think I want to paint my nails in hopes that it will stop me from picking away at the skin around it (my nervous habit)
    And the exercising every morning? music to my ears!

  2. Joanna

    I love this idea–of breaking a habit for 2 months. Can you share how you have the motivation to do this? I really admire it!! I am such a horrible nail biter. I have been trying to stop this for as long as I can remember….and I can’t!!! I try that nasty tasting nail polish…everything to try and stop! grr! haha. You’re very inspirational–with your goals and babies. Thanks for sharing and keeping me motivated!

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