Sing The Blues and Let them Go

October 2011 023

Things I’m worried about right now:

The kids not yet talking (they’re 28 months)

The house looks like the tazmanian devil spun through it.

My health, as usual.

The bills, as usual.

The cold weather and the way it freezes me in place, making it more challenging to exercise.  Sounds pititful but I’m serious.

My 13 year old brother who is passing two kidney stones at the moment-hang in there bro!


Why I’m going to let those worries go:

The kids, aside from not talking yet, are on point developmentally and prove their intelligence by constantly working together to conspire against me.  One distracts and the other acts, basically.  Very clever.  Not to mention they speak in their own twin language-which is supposed to count.

The house doesn’t have feelings and will be fine until I get around to it.  Isn’t that nice to know?

My health and the bills are being taken care of and that’s all one can do.

The cold weather means I need to get me a Zumba video to do inside my warm home until the weather gets back to normal-I mean warms up.

I know my brother’s issue is just genetic because he eats so healthy and I know from now on he’ll drink more water and continue rocking out like this:

Throwing the worries away now…



Happy Friday, everyone!

12 thoughts on “Sing The Blues and Let them Go

  1. Josh Robertson

    Wow Sysy, this is your brother? He’s AWESOME! I wish I had that much talent. Awesome job, Gabe! Hang in there with the kidney stones buddy. I’ve never had them but my wife gets them every other month. From what I gather they’re not a fun thing to endure. Stay positive!!

  2. Bea

    What a talented kid your brother is! I hope he gets better so he can keep on rocking this world with that guitar. Many, many hugs for him!

  3. Scully

    13? geez. He’s got the talent of someone three times his age. I always love it when you post videos of him playing. And what in the world is a 13yr old doing passing kidney stones? HOLY tough.
    And Sysy, I commend you on “letting it all go” because those small nagging things are the things that seem to pile up and upset me the most.
    POST more videos of your rockstar brother! I hope the worst of it is over soon :(

  4. George

    WOW! I am so impressed!!! As a so-so guitar player I wish I could jam out like that! YOU ROCK and I hope you start feeling better real soon.

    No one with skills like that should ever stop playing. What a gift!

  5. Rob Muller

    Holy smokes! He plays well beyond his 13 years. His phrasing and timing are beautiful. Very cool – the comping is good and tight, and I really like it when he’s trading licks with the other dude. Excellent, excellent stuff.

    Of course it doesn’t hurt that I love Albert King and this particular song. :)

    Thanks for posting.

  6. Lee Ann Thill

    A someone with no musical talent, I’m always amazed with others’ talents, but when I see a kid or teen with a gift like Gabe’s, it just astounds me. That was a great video… I’m really, really impressed!

    My husband had kidney stones when he was younger, and he’s told me how painful it is. I’m sending lots of get well and get back to rockin’ vibes in Gabe’s direction!

  7. Stacey D.

    First, I hope your brother recovers from the stones soon. My hubby had them for a while and had 2 different procedures to have them removed. Not fun at all! Second, I think it is so easy for worry to take over us. There are so many things for us to worry about. But it is SO much better for us to not let those worries overcome us. A lot easier said than done but I’m so glad you are doing just that :)

  8. emily

    oh, i’m late to my blog updates!!!
    sysy, your brother is incredible!!! sorry about the kidney stones; good grief that sucks! i hope he’s hanging in there b/c we all enjoy your posts on FB about his mad guitar skills.he’ll be back in no time! what a talent; this guy’s going places!

  9. Carol

    I used to worry a lot. Then, I realized that sometimes, the things that I worry about are not under my control – there is nothing I can do to change the situation.

    What you did is a good way to get rid of stress. I should make a list also and let it go. Just thinking about doing it makes me feel a lot better. Thanks…

  10. Kevin

    Good article. It is not bad if a child didn´t talk. It is the natural development. Some kids start talking very early and some very late. My mom said that i startes to talk late, too. There other problems can be taken care of, too. There is nothing to worry about.

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