Do The Big Blue Test 2011!

An initiative started by the Diabetes Hands Foundation in 2009, the Big Blue Test is an awareness campaign that also gives back and clearly emphasizes the importance of exercise in managing blood sugars.

To participate is super easy: sometime between today and the 14th of November, test, do some activity, test again, and note your results online.  To do that last step, go here, and click on the “Do the Big Blue Test” button.

Each test is a life saving donation of life saving supplies to someone who desperately needs it.  Next time you’re taking a walk, doing a workout, out dancing, or even chasing your kid across the playground, test before and after and note your results online.

Let’s let everyone know that people with diabetes do give back, we do take care of ourselves, and we are powerful in number.   And most of all, let’s get some life saving supplies to those less fortunate than us.

Oh and watch this powerful video and spread the word!  Have a great Tuesday Smile

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