Fabulous Friday: The Star of Your Own Movie



A wise person once told me they have always thought of themselves as “the star of their own movie”.  I will keep their name a secret.  But think about that for a moment: the star of your own movie.  Sounds nice doesn’t it?

I think it’s a rich way to view life.  After all, why do we want loved ones with which to share time?  People to communicate with?  Because we want a witness in our lives.  Someone to know what we’re doing, feeling, and thinking.  Someone to see us, care about us, feel for us, cheer for us.  We feel accountable and meaningful in life when we know people are paying attention to us.

There are times when we feel either alone or in a rut with those around us, or both, and as a result we may settle into mediocrity.  We are no longer trying so hard to sparkle for those around us because we don’t feel like doing so for ourselves.  We don’t give 100%.  We think, “what’s the point?”  I’d venture out to say that most people go through this sometimes.  And that’s when I think it’s a cool thought to live like we’re the star of our own movie.  Because if this is true (and it is, right?) then we do care, we do try, we do give 100%.  We try to look our best, to work hard, to do the right thing, to give priority to that which deserves priority.  Ok, so that’s more or less what happens in a movie where you, the protagonist is a good person.  But, you are!  Everyone is, deep down.

Just for kicks, try imagining yourself as the star of your own movie for one day.  Your peers, family, and friends are all watching you.  They are getting inspired and enthralled and deeply affected by what you do.  They are cheering you on.  They are hoping, praying things will go your way.  They want you to succeed.  They cry with you.  They laugh with you.  They feel your pain.  You are open, honest, caring, gutsy, and you get up every time you fall.  And people forgive you when you mess up because they’re aware of your painful journey, your obstacles, your past, and the will you have to reach your goals.

Some might try this idea and out of personal belief, focus on how God is watching them.  Others feel a closeness with all of the other searching souls out there in the Universe.  Or you might just try to impress yourself with your fearlessness, your guts, your strength, and the goodness that is innately a part of you.  You are the star of your own movie.  And you can be whatever you want to be and achieve whatever outcome you dream of.  Each of our lives is a best picture and each one of us is a star.  If only we thought of ourselves as highly as we think of our favorite celebrity.  If only we realized our potential.

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