Find Your Place

By “place” I mean, the spot in town that makes you relax, that sort of calms your nerves.  You know, the book shop, the park, the café, the edge with a view, Tiffany’s (lol), whatever it may be.  For me it’s anywhere near the woods.  I don’t go and have in mind, “this place is going to make me feel better”.  I just go for the sake of going somewhere different with the family and every single time, it hits me that I feel so much better.  I can take really deep breaths, my heart rate is slowed, my mind stops racing, and I feel a sense of peace.  For the first time in weeks I feel centered.  Who knew some old trees could do that?  Or maybe it was the fresh air.

Anyway, if you have a place like that, and haven’t been in a while, this is probably a good time of year to make the time.

Yesterday on Thanksgiving Day we went to a place called Peaks of Otter.  Here’s one of the peaks (called Sharp Top, I believe):

Thanksgiving 2011 129

There is a lake: (and me being weighed down by my chock-full-of-diabetes-stuff purse)

Thanksgiving 2011 053

The kids wondered why no one answered the door at an inn built in the early 1800’s:

Thanksgiving 2011 079

Thanksgiving 2011 087

We walked over bridges:

Thanksgiving 2011 118

We found out Henri loves to jog.  He kept this up for 20 minutes at a really steady pace for a two year old.  I know, because I got winded jogging alongside of him.

Thanksgiving 2011 109

Thanksgiving 2011 111

Aurora found a rock she really liked:

Thanksgiving 2011 104

And a stick:

Thanksgiving 2011 082

We got really close to a beautiful blue heron:

Thanksgiving 2011 133

Proof that we did:

Thanksgiving 2011 137


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you have a relaxing weekend.  Don’t forget to take care of yourself :)


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