We’re in Diabetes Forecast Magazine!


I’m supposed to be all cool and say “hey everyone, why not check us out, we’re in Diabetes Forecast”, but I can’t!

In truth, I’m flipping out because I remember thinking “wow…” to all the inspiring stories I read in each issue as a child with diabetes.  So to be in it…is kind of totally amazing!

We’re in an article talking about teamwork in this December 2011 issue and we’d be so honored if you read it:

Teamwork:  Banding Together to Tackle Diabetes

By the way, thank you for reading.  Without you this blog is an awfully lonely place!


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That’s awesome! Way to go ladies! I love yer blog.

I have seen you ladies around the community and commend you for your work, when I opened Diabetes Forecast I was drawn to this article and loved being able to see your story shared!

Congratulations, I know how exciting this is!

You are awesome, and I was so excited to see you in the magazine, and was drawn to the story too! Congratulations! I know this must be a dream come true!! :)

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