The Case for Lowering Carbs, Part 3


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I’ve been discussing my reasons for lowering carbs in Part 1 and Part 2.

It’s also Fabulous Friday and part of what I try to promote is that we treat ourselves right and that includes eating for our health.  That doesn’t mean you have to eat like me.  My point is it’s never a bad idea to assess what we eat and make improvements here and there.

A reader suggested I share my typical carb count for the day and some sample meals.  I thought it was a great idea so:

(Keep in mind each line is one meal, I don’t eat all of this at once, they’re different options ;)


-One fried egg

-Slice of ezekial sprouted whole grain bread with almond butter or low fat cream cheese.

-Omelet that includes spinach, tomato, and any other vegetable lurking in the fridge.

-One whole grain pancake made with a lot of low fat cottage cheese, shredded apple, and blueberries so that the grain content is low.  The kids love these.


-Some fruit (usually berries, and lately, the frozen organic ones)

-Low fat cheese

-Raw vegetables with hummus

-Flat crisp bread with goat cheese

-Avocado slices with salt

-Handful of almonds

-Kale chips


-Salad with vegetables such as onion, celery, spinach, radish, purple cabbage, broccoli and some chicken or fish or tuna topped with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, and vinegar.

-Ezekial whole grain bread with almond butter and a side salad

-Lettuce wrap filled with sprouts, black beans, boiled egg, and broccoli (sounds crazy but it’s so good!)


-Tortilla (the low carb ones are pretty good) wrap with vegetables like cucumber, carrots, asparagus with some chicken or fish.

-Very small amount of brown rice, brown pasta, quinoa, or legumes with loads of vegetables (I only have this on days I work out a lot)

-Turkey burger (no bun) with a side of peas and pearl onions

Dessert:  (optional)

-Chocolate (usually 70% cacao and up)

-Fruit (my favorite fruit dessert is some frozen mango or papaya with lime)

-Sweet potato cubes with a little butter

-Occasional beer/wine/liquor (I steer clear of fruity cocktails because the sugar load is so high)



-Tea (I love Tulsi, Peppermint, and Chamomile-though I’m allergic to Chamomile so I no longer drink it)

-Almond milk (unsweetened)

-Water with lemon or lime squeezed in

-Teeccino Herbal Coffee (Because I can’t handle much caffeine) with a little cream (I like Horizon half and half organic creamer in Hazelnut or Vanilla, only 2 grams of sugar per serving)

-The occasional Diet Coke

By the end of the day I’ve typically had about 50-75 carbs.  I choose what to eat based on how hungry I am.  For me, hunger is best treated with some carbs so I leave those meals on the list involving a little grains for those days when I have a larger appetite.  There are days when I’m not very hungry and on those days, I just enjoy blood sugar heaven.  My focus is to go by what my body is telling me.  Once a month I’ll splurge and have up to about 200 carbs in a day, usually in the form of some Ben and Jerry’s.  And yes, my body tells me to do that, sometimes :)

In general, I find I can add a little bit of carbs as long as they’re not processed and still do ok, like fruit or vegetable carbs. Those tend to match up with the insulin and cancel each other out. Whereas the complex carbs are what give me a headache with their long life span. Processed food carbs are the worst because they increase my insulin resistance for the entire day and totally make me gain weight in the long run. I really limit those if I want to stay sane :)

Well this is me just sharing some thoughts that have been long brewing. Thanks for reading. And if you have thoughts, please, I’m all ears.  Also, I could use food suggestions, I love changing things up!

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “The Case for Lowering Carbs, Part 3

  1. Ana Morales

    Once I’m out of school, I’m definitely going to try some of these options, they sound good even though I don’t like that many vegetables. I think the snacks are doable since they don’t require preparation..hmm good thing I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow!

  2. Amanda S.

    Hey Sysy,

    I was wondering if you would mind sharing with everyone (and by my email please) the receipe you use for those whole grain pancakes you mentioned in todays post. They just sound so good and I’m always looking for new ideas. I realize there’s a strong possiblity that they may not be gluten free (which I need) but I’d be interested anyways. Thank you.

  3. Sysy Post author

    I wouldn’t mind at all, Amanda! I’ll post that recipe soon and email you a copy, too. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Debra

    Those pancakes sound really good! I too would love to see the recipe posted, never thought about putting fruit in them would minimize the grain

  5. Emily Viall

    I’m definitely going to try some of these meals! I’ve been getting bored with my tuna, chicken and eggs!

    Out of curiosity, have you heard of the drug Symlin? It’s manmade amylin, another hormone they think us diabetics don’t produce. Apparently it helps with blood sugar control as well. I was just reading about it and how it can help with postprandial glucose levels and WEIGHT management(I feel like I’m always hungry and eating too much!)…it sounded pretty amazing. But I’ve never met anyone who takes it or even knows what it is? Do you know anything about it? <– That's the website for the drug.

  6. Sysy Post author

    I’ve never taken symlin but heard of it many times as well as metformin. I have heard a lot of people say that their doctor prescribes it to them for their insulin resistance and that it helps them with their appetite and weight loss. Sounds worth asking one’s doctor about it to see if it could help if one takes a lot of insulin or has trouble with blood sugars after eating.

  7. Diana

    I just found your blog and really like it. As a Type 1 for 38 years I am fortunate to have few complications. I am still amazed that I was able to give birth to 2 kids while on 1 shot of insulin a day and no home blood glucose monitoring available. My A1c was 6.9 last time. I continue to struggle with my weight and find that sticking with the South Beach diet is very helpful in leveling out my blood sugars. The South Beach diet seems to be a moderate approach to low carb eating for me.

  8. Carlotta Robbins

    Thank you for sharing…I love hearing what others eat and how many carbs they try and stick to. I eat a hard boiled egg with avocado on a piece of toast for breakfast, try and do some kind of salad with protein for lunch and then protein, veggies and maybe a grain with no more than 20 or so grams of carbs for dinner… but that is best case scenario! It certainly doesn’t always happen that way. The funny thing is, sometimes I am more confused on how much insulin to take to cover a lower carb meal (b/c I know I need some, but not TOO much) over a meal that has say, 30g/carb, b/c with that solid number it’s easier to figure out my carb/insulin dosage…does that make sense??!!!
    I live in Vermont and all summer long there is an abundance of fresh, local, organic vegetables available…and it is glorious! When summer comes to an end I have a very hard time transitioning to supermarket vegetables, but there is no other choice. This time of year I like to make lots of variations on chicken soup with low carb veggies…filling and warming!
    I’ve learned a lot from Dr.Bersteins books (and I just got his cookbook which I haven’t explored yet) but I don’t think I could, or would want to, limit my carbs as much as he suggests. However, it’s all about choices we make and these days I am much more likely to choose foods that I know are good for my blood sugar over foods that aren’t, even if they are delicious! I just try to continue to learn and evolve into the healthiest diabetic I can be, but not beat myself up if I slip. I love, love, love this website and all the info and support…thank you!!

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