Clinical Trials from Home!


Clinical trials are an important part of the online health community but people have a hard time with distance and time limitations. Through WEGO Health, I just learned about a new type of clinical trial that can be completed by patients from the comfort of their own home and I wanted to make sure to share it with readers and fellow DOC members.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with WEGO Health, they’re a unique social media company focused on helping Health Activists – people like me who use the internet and social media to connect with others around health topics. WEGO Health’s mission is to empower Health Activists to help others, and they offer Health Activists the chance to get involved with video through, to learn and connect through webinars and chats, and to gain a voice in the healthcare industry through insight panels and the Health Activist Speakers Bureau.  In fact, I’ll be in Washington DC this Spring because of this Speakers Bureau and the opportunity it opened up. (I’m beyond excited!)

Now, WEGO Health is working with Mytrus – an innovative clinical trials company that is working to make clinical trials more accessible, convenient, and available to a much larger audience with more representative results. WEGO Health is working to bring these new trials to Health Activists and to give us a way to share them with our larger online community. I’m participating in a new Referral Program that rewards Health Activists for participants in the clinical trial.

The benefits of at-home trials:

  • Participants can join from anywhere in the country allowing trials to be run with a larger and more diverse group of patients
  • Participants can join from their home so are not limited by health issues or transportation issues that keep them house-bound
  • Trials can be run more quickly and efficiently because of a reduced recruitment period
  • Patients are given more of a chance to affect the course of their own treatment

If you’re interested in participating in clinical trials run at home and online and in impacting the course of new medications and treatments, take a brief survey to see if you qualify for any of the active trials. If not, you’ll be notified as new opportunities come up.

To see if you qualify, visit this page: At Home Clinical Trials.

I’m excited by the new option of participating in clinical trials from home (and online!) and I’m excited to share it with you. I hope you’ll take a minute to see if you qualify and share this opportunity with others. Click here to share.

Happy Monday everyone!

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