Five Ways to De-Stress this Holiday Weekend


You may not need to de-stress.  You may have a perfectly merry and serene weekend.  These tips are for those of you who have to face stressful people, loads of tempting foods, blood sugars outside of their restricted range (to bad we can’t arrest them) and screaming children (perhaps my little screamers!).  I’ve really thought these through, and researched them, and tried them out in spurts and I swear they work.

Five Ways to De-stress this Holiday Weekend

5.  Breathe.

The simplest, most obvious, yet most often neglected way to stay calm and happy- take deep breathes.  If you must wear a tight outfit that doesn’t permit much deep breathing because you’re focusing on sucking in your stomach (been there, done that) then wear that outfit for the minimum amount of time necessary and for goodness sakes do yourself a favor and change into something you can breathe in!

4.  Let go of expectations and go with the flow.

Part of what is so stressful and agonizing for many people during the Holidays is the pressure to meet our high expectations.  Step into this time of year with one goal in mind:  to just be.  Be you, be helpful, be a good listener, be kind, see how you can help out, take care of your health, don’t judge anyone, and just…be.  You’ll find that it’s pretty easy to be yourself and a lot more fun than trying to control things to go how you imagine they should.  Remember that beautiful things happen in the midst of chaos and spontaneity.

3.  Focus on what you can bring to the table.

I don’t literally mean food although that may be the case you talented chef you.  I mean focus on how you can help here and there, who needs your attention, what could use you and your marvelous gift, specifically.  You’ll be surprised how effortless this will feel once you try it.

2.  Be a little deaf and a little blind.

If you hear “Oh…what did you do with your hair?” in that tone or your family is arguing over how to properly cut the turkey, just do all the previous steps and be a little deaf.  Be a little blind and pay no mind to the agitating quirks of people you may be spending some time with.  Instead, choose to only see the things you like about them and focus on that.  A little ignorance is blissful.

1.  Be grateful.

You knew this one was coming.  It’s hard sometimes because maybe your health could be better or your bank account has been swept into a black hole, or there is some kind of family crisis happening.  However, some have worse health than you, others don’t have homes, and some don’t even have any family or friends.  So of course, the obligatory “be grateful” was included but only because it’s true.

I’m thankful for all of you!


One thought on “Five Ways to De-Stress this Holiday Weekend

  1. Ellen Sherman

    Well said… Gravitate toward the positive and elevate your spirit by surrounding yourself with people who have kind thoughts and are willing to listen more than speak… Embrace the quiet moments to enjoy and savor this glorious season… Take time to rest, meditate, visualize and listen to music, taste wonderful food and dine with people whose laughter and smiles lighten a room with joyous and inspiring conversation… Be the best you deserve to be by embracing yourself with the love and kindness and forgivenss that you deserve and don’t forget to go caroling and spreading the cheer in the neighborhood you live…meeting new friends just around the corner that you never met before can enrich your life more than you think…Hugs to you from Ellen…

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