The Case for the 5 Minute Shower



(3 minutes if you’re a guy)

This isn’t to tell you to speed it up and save the whales.  It’s a tip I’ve learned recently by default.  You see, I moved to the apartments I live at almost two years ago.  We quickly discovered there was only enough hot water for a 4-5 minute shower.  I had to adapt or die.  Ok not die but you know it’s harsh to be sprayed by freezing cold water when you haven’t even rinsed the shampoo out of your hair yet.

I realized that we often spend a lot of time in the shower.  Most of us lead pretty busy lives and can use to save time wherever we can.  I have learned that I can get an extra thing done during the day by saving 10-15 minutes from my shower.

Many of us with diabetes have dry skin.  It’s a side effect of not having perfectly normal blood sugars.  Showering for an extended period of time in warm water just dries our skin out even more.  And unless you’re an athlete that takes a warm bath to soak sore muscles, or do it for some kind of therapy, there isn’t a really good reason to spend so much time in warm water.  Ok, ok, unless it’s like chicken soup for your soul or something and then by all means, do it.

At the very end of my shower the water gets cold.  I’ve learned to take this on for my benefit.  This change up on one’s body, particularly on one’s legs, boosts circulation, improves the appearance of skin, and becomes a healthy lifetime routine.  It’s short term pain, long term pleasure.  Since doing this, my legs and feet have felt better, I swear.  They used to feel kind of tingly and heavy in the shower and now, because I’m not in there very long, and because the cool water at the end does it’s magic, I don’t feel any of the discomfort I used to feel.  A plus is to rinse hair in cold water before getting out.  It closes the hair shaft and makes it shinier.

My entire routine involves soaping up, shampooing, shaving, scrubbing my skin all over with an olive oil, lemon, and sugar mixture, and then rinsing.  And voila.  A quick 5 minutes that improves circulation, moisturizes skin, and gets the job done.

4 thoughts on “The Case for the 5 Minute Shower

  1. Laura

    Hydrotherapy has been done for ages! And because of your inconvenience you’ve experienced it’s wonderful effects! I did it religiously for a month, my whole body for about 15 minutes every morning. OPne min. super duper hot- gradually getting as hot as it would go and then flip the faucet over immediately to super cold. It was torture the first few times, but then it became kind of nice and I do say, it felt weird, but exhilarating….and it definitely wakes you up in the morning. I need to get back in the routine. Thanks Sysy!

  2. Nathan

    Yeah, there’s a whole thing about the benefits of cold showers. I read a lot about it, but never actually tried it. The shock in winter just seems sort of crazy. Maybe with your endorsement…

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