Your Used Strips are Needed for Art Project!


Happy Monday, everyone!

As you all probably know by now, the illustrator of the site is my type 1 sister, Ana.  She also writes posts from time to time but mostly she is super busy at James Madison University studying studio art and art education and taking an insane number of credits.

Ana needs our help for a diabetes related art project for school.  She determines that she needs thousands of strips for this project.  We are asking for donations of your used strips (don’t worry she’ll be working with gloves!)

Please, please, please start saving your strips and mail them to her by March 1st.  Please include the amount of time that it took you to use the number of strips you are sending (a week, a month, etc).

This will be SO appreciated and can’t be done without your help.  When you’re ready to mail email me at and I’ll send you her mailing address.

Once Ana receives your strips we’ll be entering you into a running for a special prize that one lucky winner will get mailed to them :D

Thanks so much in advance!  Hopefully Ana will get enough donations and will be able to do the project.  I’ll be sure to post it when she’s done!


Ana’s project idea for this has been cancelled because we’ve realized that used strips are bio hazardous waste and it’s not a good idea to ask others to mail it in.  In fact, mailing it in certain states is considered illegal SO Ana will be choosing another diabetes related idea for her art project, we’ll keep you posted on what it is!  Thank you to everyone who was so kind and willing to help out! :D


5 thoughts on “Your Used Strips are Needed for Art Project!

  1. Sarah

    We’ll send some! We’ve glued strips around a photo frame & cheap pair of sunglasses. You have to do something with em! My daughter Samantha, 15, is T1.

  2. Kilee

    Great!! Better to put them to use than throw them away. But what is the amount of time taken to use them needed for??

  3. Ana Morales

    Thanks for your support! I want to have a general idea of the time taken to use them because the piece I hopefully create using strips is supposed to comment on the amount of fingerpricks diabetics get in just a short amount of time, and even though it’s so repetitive, testing our blood sugar levels is one of the things that helps us stay in control and alive. I just want people to be able to visualize it, so the more the better!

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